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Adventure Time

Adventure Time, c'mon grab your friends. We're off to very distant lands. Jake the dog, and Finn the human, where the fun never ends. Adventure Time!

Julianna Stewart

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Adventure Time

INTRODUCING THE CHARACTERS Finn the Human Jake the Dog Princess Bubblegum BMO Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) Ice King Cinnamon Buns Marceline the Vampire This is only the main characters. Throughout the show you meet many more. Tree Trunks What's it about? A human boy and his adopted brother - a magical dog - set out to become righteous adventurers in the Land of Ooo. Land of Ooo Pendleton Ward: Creator of Adventure Time Ice Kings is a lonely old wizard who has turned to penguins for company. He often tries to kidnap princesses and force them to marry him, but Finn and Jake are always there to save the day. Princess Bubblegum is the princess of the Candy Kingdom. Which is most commonly mentioned on the show. PB is a scientist and is inventing something new all the time. Finn and Jake are very close to her, and Finn seems to have a thing for her. The land of Ooo is filled with many creative creatures, and you'll meet someone new every episode. It's the perfect mix of comedy, romance, and suspense. The Candy Kingdom The Candy Kingdom is a small village filled with candy people. Everyone seems to get along, until a spontaneous zombie apocolypse occurs. Which, if that were to happen again, Princess PB has stirred up some extra antidote, just in case. Candy People Candy Kingdom History and Inspiration Inspiration Pendleton Ward was inspired by shows such as Felix The Cat for his animation, and the Max Fleischer cartoons. But also Dungeons and Dragons and some of the many video games he played in his lifetime. History Adventure Time was offered to Nickelodeon, but turned down twice. It was then shown to Cartoon Network, the president was given a short called "The Enchiridion", later on the first season was passed in September 2008. Lady Rainicorn
(Jake's girlfriend) Minor Characters Peppermint Butler: Works at Candy Kingdom and waits in people who enter the castle. Hunson Abadeer: aka Marceline's dad. He is the ruler of the Under World and will often come to create havoc in Ooo. Lich King is an evil spirit who haunts PB and the Candy Kingdom. He has full intentions of taking over. Flame Princess: Princess of the Fire Kingdom and the is currently interested in Finn Reviews The show has received acclaim from critics and has developed a cult following among teenagers and adults. Television critic Robert Lloyd, in an article for the LA Times, said it "strikes [him] as a kind of companion piece to the network's [then] currently airing Chowder and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Each takes place in a fantastical land peopled with strange, somewhat disturbing characters and has at its center a young male person or person-like thing making his way in that world with the help of unusual, not always reliable, mentors."[] He went on to say that the show is "not unlike CN's earlier Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, about a boy and his imaginary friend, though [it is] darker and stranger and even less connected to the world as we know it."[] Lloyd also compared it to "the sort of cartoons they made when cartoons themselves were young and delighted in bringing all things to rubbery life."[ The show has also garnered much more of an adult and teen fan base than the creators expected. Entertainment Weekly named Adventure Time #20 on their The Greatest Animated Series Ever list.[
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