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Planning For The Future!;)

hace project

amisha chahal

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Planning For The Future!;)

Planning for the future!
what i want to be?
i have had alot of options on what i would like to be when
i grow up.Ive decided that i would like to be a teacher. I like working with kids and teaching them new things.I would prefer being an intermidiate teacher rather than primary.
Skills needed to be a teacher
The number one skill you need to be a teacher is: Patience.
You need to be patient and know how to explain a topic properly. You would want to have experinces with children since your going to spend your day with thtem.
why do i want to be a teacher?
I want to be a teacher because i like to work with kids and i like to teach them new things.
A typical Day Being A Teacher
i would wake up before the school starts and go to my class and get all the work ready for the day and when the bell rings i would let all the students settle down in their desks and then i
would begin with our day.
who will i work with
i would have other teachers with me and i will be working with my students all day.
Highlights of the most diffcult and enjoyable part of my day
The most difficult part would probabbly be dealing with
all the students and their problems but the most enjoyable part
would be knowing each child learnt something new before the day ended.
Done By; Amisha Chahal <3
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