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No description

Zach McGough

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of FinalProject

Zach McGough I am a first year Kish student. This is my first writing class. I enjoy reading much more than writing. Descriptive paper I wrote this essay describing my bedroom. It was nice to take the time and actually notice the things that surround me everyday. I feel that I did a good job grasping the relaxed atmosphere of the room. Narrative This essay was based on a trip I took to Chicago. It was difficult deciding what I should include. The paper length did not allow me to fully explain the journey. I was glad to see that I captured the emotions I was feeling then. Definition I chose to define the word connection. This was by far the most difficult paper for me to write. It took me alot longer to plan out and I got increasingly more frustrated until the end which I was not satisfied with. I really hope that I am never assigned this topic again. Cause/Effect The causes of anxiety was the main topic of this essay. This was a pretty personal topic because I do suffer from Anxiety. I like the Imagery used in the opening paragraph. I was happy with the quality and what I learned from doing the research. Compare/Contrast I chose to show the differences between a vacation in the mountains or on the beach. This paper was particularly easy. This I Believe The American adult of 18 years or older should be able to legally consume alcohol. I feel that I gave clear logical reasoning. I liked that we were able too pick our own topics. Afterthought... I feel that I have grown alot as a writer. I have learned how to write more attractively. Overall I would say that this course was very beneficial to my knowledge of quality writing. I wish a had chosen a topic that had a more subtle difference.
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