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Asylum Seekers in Australia

No description

Natasha McLeod

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Asylum Seekers in Australia

Asylum Seekers in Australia
What are the pros and cons of accepting Asylum Seekers into Australian society/ the economy?
By Natasha McLeod
What are Asylum Seekers?
• International refugee law defines a refugee as someone who seeks refuge in a foreign country because of war and violence, or out of fear of persecution- "on account of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group”.
• Until a request for refuge has been accepted, the person is referred to as an asylum seeker.

Pros of Asylum Seekers on Society/ the Economy
• They usually work as soon as they can.
• The actively contribute to the culture of the country - Indian, Thai, some Muslim foods and stuff and their views on life and social issues are different and sometimes refreshing.
• They fulfil 'populate or perish' policy,
• Bring more 'skilled' workers, increasing demand in industries
• They generate more money for the economy through expenditure
• Promote security in numbers

Plan of Action
Decide on a limited amount of Asylum Seekers to be allowed in every year
Do background checks on arriving asylum seekers to make sure they are legitimate refugees- as quickly as possible.
Build more infrastructure to allow for appropriate housing for them.
Stop the dangerous boats coming in and promote offshore application for Asylum, and promote temporary movement of refugees to near by safer places if desperate- attempts to stop people smuggling
Cons of Asylum Seekers on Society/ The Economy
• Short term, they can be a burden on welfare.
• More energy use hence further use of fossil fuels and non- renewable/ renewable resources
• Consolidation is used to combat urban sprawl so we get high residential apartments which are ugly and lead to an absolutely HUGE loss in privacy.
• A more prominent chance of not being given the opportunities to lead a good lifestyle.
• Overpopulate and crowd society
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