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A simple guide to "Personal Branding"

Sharing some experience and thoughts at Cogite co-working place, in Tunis June 2015

Fady Aziz

on 10 August 2018

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Transcript of A simple guide to "Personal Branding"

Who Am I ?!
Choose your playground
Five steps for influence!
Why Twitter & Linkedin ?!
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Entrepreneur, trainer & consultant focusing on social media & online marketing, digital media & online journalism

CEO of
Insideout Today
20+ years of experience

Proudly on the list of most influential arabs over social media :)
Personal Branding 101
Today is different!
Interactive session, lots of enjoyment :)

to spread it around
How to be on CNN & BBC ?!
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Fady Ramzy @cyberzizo
A simple guide to "Personal Branding"
The power of media!

So, "Why" personal branding?
Popularity & recognition
Leadership opportunities
Business opportunities
Greater credibility
Standing out of the crowd
Join the Niche
"How" personal Branding?
Did you
Yourself today?!
How do people see you?!
What are you expert at?!
How is this different?
Build your plan
Where do you wanna go?!
What happens when you blog?!
You share a story, an experience
May be you mention people & places
You share advises & opinions
And you spread your story around
What happened when I tried travel blogging!?
Visibility, Credibility, Joy, and supported travel!
Choose your message, audience, online identity and social networks

Start a
Create a content calendar (

Master Story telling (
right time, right place

Engage with people (
help always

Build your network (

Monitor your influence (i
f you cant measure it.....
Presenting a social media analysis report at the time of Egyptian elections
Linkedin is a MUST!
A new Italian startup launched in Cairo out of linkedin!
Connect everyday with professionals you meet

Join groups

Share valuable content

Engage with people

Follow the leaders

Read, read, read
Twitter is a Goldmine !
Create content that stands out
Build twitter lists
Join twitter chats
Follow influentials
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