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Competitive strategies of Hyundai Card

No description

Gahee Yoon

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Competitive strategies of Hyundai Card

What made hyundai card No.2 player
in Korean credit card market? Competitive Advantages of Competitive Advantages of Hyundai Card Design
Implementing uique band identity
Partnership with GE
Strong band loyatly by culture project Gahee Yoon DESIGN In 2001, Hyundai card had the worst performance in the industry. After 43-year-old
Chung Tae-young
became a CEO,
the company
turned to
growth way. Many people and analysts say that the most efficient strategy of hyundai card's success was innovative design. Through making ‘coherent brand strategy’ using design which has powerful visual impact, the company positioned itself to customers’ mind with strong brand image - ”Hyundai card”. Hyundai card maximized this value of design which is attractive to customers. Design-oriented leadership of young CEO Chung Tae-young. Design innovation was one of the most powerful strategy among the 100 innovative strategies of Hyundai card. Hyundai card's this strategy is called 'Science in Tiffany Box' In the box of attractive advertisement, innovative design and marketing strategies is financial science - sientific analysis of customers, risk management and etc. Brand image Valuable resource Alphabet Card Credit cards are represented by alphabet letters such as M, W, H and V, the initials of words describing the key feature of each card.
Its simplicity of alphabet made the company approach customers more easily. One of the key roles in the success of innovative design For example, M Card, which at 6 million customers has the largest subscriber base of any single card brand in Korea, stands for “multiple” user benefits. Unique ways of spreading brand identity Partnership with GE Hyundai card is joint venture between Hyundai Kia Automotive Group and GE Capital.
It is pursuing a global company status through partnerships with the world leading financial company GE. How? Hyundai card have learned sophisticated financial
techniques from GE and sublimated it into Korean ways, and GE has acquired marketing skills from Hyundai card. =
Win-Win partnership
model! Distinctive competencis of + Distinctive competencis of Culture Project Super Series It is a strategy of developing various new fields in cultural marketing to maximize customer satisfaction. Hyundai Card has always put a lot of effort to provide something that any credit card company has not done. Culture project gives differentiated satisfaction
to customers. It strenghts brand loyalty! As a result... Implementing Unique Brand Identity T H A N K
Y O U !
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