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Sika Deer

No description

Lily Zaspel

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Sika Deer

By Lily Zaspel and Cassie Teece
The Sika Deer is brown or tan and becomes grey in the winter.
They have white spots and a black stripe down their backs
Adult males have their antlers pointed forward
They range from about 70-90 pounds
They breed in late fall or early winter around late September, and then the calves are born in May
Usually give birth to one calf but twins and even triplets are common.
The deer originated in Japan, Taiwan, and Eastern Asia
They were introduced to the U.S. in the 1900's when six of them were released onto James Island
Now they are found in Texas, Virginia, and the Eastern shore of Maryland
How are they controlled?
The Sika deer are being managed by legalized hunting with proper permits from wildlife authorities and local parks
The Sika Deer cause significant damage to vegetation natural and commercial.
The deer have become more of a problem because they occupy a similar niche as the whitetail deer and the red deer
Because the deer have similar ecological niches, the deer hybridize, which causes the gene pool to be less diverse
Cervus nippon: Sika Deer
Invasive Species:
Sika deer prefer habitats that have an abundance of vegetation for feeding as well as forests for shelter
Today they live in the piney forests in Texas as well as marshlands and forested wetlands.

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