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Confucianism VS. Daoism

No description

Om Doshi

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Confucianism VS. Daoism

Goal: Social Balance or Harmony: Achieved through rulers and citizens knowing their place.
Dealt mainly with Social Relationships
Proper Conduct with others
Complete obedience
Filial Piety - complete obedience to one's parents
One should worship their ancestors
Males, Older Males in particular were superior
Monotheistic Religion
Founded by Confucius
Became a huge philosophy in China long after Confucius' death.
Founded in China
Competed with Buddhism to be the most popular philosophy in China
Mandarin the most used language
No angels involved
Followers wear special religious robes
Tolerate of other religions
Goal: To achieve balance in life
Dao - God or "The Way"
Good or Bad must be shared
De - the value of virtue, morality, and integrity
Created Tai Chi and Chinese Chemistry through religious practices.
Practiced a healthy lifestyle
Do not Believe in Earthly Objects
Women were equally respected
Founded by Lao Tzu
Followers tried to create immortality.
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