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No description

Chloe Aristides

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of london

Hello, Bonjour, Yassou
Distance between London and Paris:
213.71Miles and 243.93km

Flight Information
Arrival at Athens: 4:20pm
Athens, Greece
The Eiffel Tower
The Plaka
Big Ben
London Weather
The weather in London is about 16° C or
62° F

Height of the Eiffel Tower
301m = 987.53ft

When I arrive in London, it will be 21:30 (9:30 PM)
Distance between Paris and Athens = 2,886.0 km
Departure from Paris: 10/29/14, 12:00pm
Flight time: 3h 20m, Nonstop
London Eye
Admission - £29.50 or $46.99
Flight Cost:
$159.90 = 906.1011 euros
The restaurant we pick is Bouillon Chartier.
We order the Steack haché sauce poivre vert et frites which is chopped steak with green pepper sauce and fries.
The price per plate is 13.5 EUR or 10.69 GBP

Athens, Greece
Silver and amber necklace
Widely available in the Plaka
by Daniela Alonso, Chloe Aristides, & Emily Lao
General entrance: 5 euros
50 lb luggage= 22.6796 kg
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