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Recruiting a Manager for BRB Israel.

No description

David Hammond

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Recruiting a Manager for BRB Israel.

Recruiting a Manager for BRB Israel.
By: William H. Roof
Barbara Bakhtari
Presented by
Sherif Mansour
David Hammond
Raadhika Gopinath
Case Outline
About BRB
Key Players
Israeli Culture
Applicant Pool
IHRM Considerations
About BRB
BRB Inc., is a multinational
electronics corporation with plans
to establish a new subsidiary
in Israel.

The Firm is Based on out of Los Angeles California with operations in North and South America and in Europe and Asia.

About BRB Cont....
The organization currently has a second overseas headquarters located in England
The company has experienced significant growth over the last 10 years.

BRB Inc. develops and manufactures a special type of radar signal processing equipment.

The organization anticipates that this technology has enormous potential in Israel during conflicts.

About BRB Cont...
BRB has managed to keep ahead of its competition.
Cheaper Price
Clear Resolution
Larger Range
Lightweight and
Key Players
About BRB Cont...
The US office staffs 6 divisions within North America and 3 subsidiaries in South America.

The UK office is responsible for operations in Europe and Asia.

Each office host a Vice President of Human Resources (HR). Both HR departments are managed and operate independently of one another.

Both VPs of HR are tasked with
recruiting a general manger
for the Israeli operation.

This is the businesses first
thrust into the turbulent
Middle East.

Each group has different
recruiting practices,
organizational structures and different orporate cultures. In fact, the only link between both groups is the CEO.

Recruitment Cont...
"I don't care who finds him but he better be the right one. I can not afford to replace him in six months. Is that clear!"

Paul Lizfeld

Both VPs are instructed to look independently and then coordinate together to select the right person.
Ideal Applicants According to Conners
Must have an understanding of political structure as the successful applicant must work directly and indirectly with the Israeli Government.

• Must be able to work with the CEO directly (taking direction and reporting regularly). Keeping in mind his micromanagement style.

• Domestic and International Experience.

• The successful applicant must have nerves of steel and extraordinary patience.

• Technical Skills
• Cultural Empathy
• Strong sense of politics
• Language ability
• Organizational ability
• Adaptive and Supportive Family
• Persuasiveness
• Decision Making Ability
• Resourcefulness
• Flexibility
• Adaptive to new challenges.

• Technical Skills
• Cultural Empathy
• Strong sense of politics
• Language ability
• Organizational ability
• Adaptive and Supportive Family
• Persuasiveness
• Decision Making Ability
• Resourcefulness
• Flexibility
• Adaptive to new challenges
• Geocentric approach to Staffing
Ideal Applicants According to Conners cont...
Applicant 1

Joel Goldberg:

• 35 years of radar experience
• CEO of Radar Development Inc.
• Good track record of increasing sales and revenues.
• Has the technical knowledge for the job
• Studies in Israel for two years
• Fluent in Hebrew
• Practicing Jewish
• Wanted to retire in Israel in 5 years. Would he stay with the company long enough?

Applicant 2

Robert Kyle

• VP of BRB Radar Operations
• Over 20 years’ experience
• Headed 2 international divisions (Canada and Japan) and received excellent reviews form the CEO.
• Strong Management Skills
• Well respected within the organization and the industry

Applicant 3

Rochelle Cohen

Nationality is Israeli

Headed the electronics division of Yassar Aircraft (An International Israeli Company)

Strong Israeli business style.

Wanted to move back to Israel to be with her family

Ideal Applicants According to O'Leary
Applicant 1
Michael Flack

• 19 years’ experience with BRB

• Degree in General Engineering

• Currently director of engineering responsible
for managing 43 engineers in new product design.

• No International Experience. He was a
"reputed tinker" meaning he enjoyed spending
time in the lab developing new mechanical components.
This sometimes led to the inattention of his administrative

Applicant 2
Yair Shafrir

Recommended by Rani Gilboa.
Spent his entire professional career in Israel, usually changing companies to accept promotions. He worked for 4 companies in 19 years.
Strong willed and organized
Takes pride in technical management
70% success rate completing tasks on time and within budget (Keep in mind the CEO's cost control demands)
Strong personal leadership and strength of will
No international experience
Applicant #2 Cont...
Applicant 3
Harold Michaelson

English Citizen of Jewish Faith
Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering
Two years with GE.
Family illness forced him to move back to England.
Currently working with Marconi. At time of the interview, he was VP of engineering for the air radio division. Youngest VP within the division.
His wife wants to move back to the Jewish homeland (Not shared by Harold).
Harold readily accepted a position to work in Israel (Marconi) however, the project was canceled before the move took place.

Applicant 3 Cont...
Strong Engineering background, Strong Administrative Background

Speaks Hebrew

His mother is currently ill in Israel. She refuses to leave the country. If selected for the position, he will look after her in Israel. Big concern surrounding the health of his mother. At the loss of his mother, would he stay in Israel?
Someone who understands Israeli culture would be essential
Acceptance by the division’s employees
Ability to speak Hebrew
Spousal Support
Knowledge of Israeli Government regulations and tax structures are vital.
Polycentric approach to staffing.
How important is it to hire an expatriate versus hiring outside when starting up a critical overseas operation?

Tradeoff between actual qualifications versus knowing the individual?

How important is having language and cultural fluency when heading a new operation In Israel?

Which cultures are more “closed” than others?
(i.e., which ones highly favor
someone from their own country,
who speaks their language and
What was good.
What can they improve on?
Thank You
Israeli Culture
CEO - Paul Lizfeld
Strong micro-management style, which emphasized cost control.

VP HR North America - John Connors
20 years’ experience, Degree in Engineering and an MBA from UCLA

VP HR UK - Francis O’Leary
Hired Rani Gilboa - Young engineer from Israel and former Israeli army officer
Must have an understanding of political structure (Work directly and indirectly with the Israeli Government).
Must be able to work with the CEO directly (taking direction and reporting regularly). Keeping in mind his micromanagement style.
Domestic and International Experience.
Must have nerves of steel and extraordinary patience.
Must be able to work with Israel’s aggressive business style.

• PhD from MIT in Electrical Engineering

• MBA from Dartmouth

• Not familiar with Israel culture.

Did not speak national language, would require extensive cultural training. John Connors still had some reservations about sending a gentile to head operations in Israel.

Applicant 2 Cont...

Robert Kyle
Applicant 3 Cont...

Strong international experience within the US, UK and Israel.

Political knowledge and proper connections within the government

Could experience problems due to her;
Lack of technical knowledge.

IHRM Considerations
In 2012, Israel was named the second most educated country in the world.

Hebrew and Arabic are the official languages of the State

Threat of War
High Inflation
Troubled Economy

The country had also become divided over certain political and cultural issues.

Religious makeup (2011)
Jews -75.4%
Muslims - 17.3%
Christians - 2.0%
Other - 5.3%

Organizational Constraints to Effective Staffing
The CEO inability to work with General Managers (GM). The GM from Peru resigned due to his inability to work with Lizfeld.

The CEO would prefer a home country presence and planned to be very active in the operations. Finding an applicant that Lizfeld liked outside of the company will be difficult. (Lizfeld has driven two managers into resignation from the South American Offices). He prefers an Ethnocentric approach to staffing

Connors knew little about the Israeli culture. Had to seek advice from different associates who had previous dealing with the country. Due to GM turnover, Connors feels significant pressure to deliver.

From The Perspective of Conners
Organizational Constraints to Effective Staffing
From the perspective of O'Leary
O’Leary’s knowledge of Israeli culture suggested that an Israeli should be head of the new division.

CEO preferred home country presence and directed O’Leary to recruit with that criteria as the
top priority
. After O’Leary presented a strong case however, the CEO agreed to review all candidates.

The CEO announced a hands-on management style to actively participate in the management of the Israeli Division. Meaning Western values along with the current recruiting strategy practiced in England, would extend to Israel as well.

Hire Yasir Shafir
Has an understanding of political structure
Can work directly and indirectly with the Israeli Government.
Technical skills
Cultural empathy
Strong sense of politics
Language ability
Organizational ability
Adaptive and supportive family
Decision making ability
Adaptive to new challenges
Areas of Concern:

Can he Work With the CEO Directly (Taking Direction and Reporting Regularly, Micromanagement Style)?

No International Experience.

Very Experienced HR Department

Both VPs Understood the Constraints Established by the CEO

Generated a Strong Applicant List

Both VPs Seemed to Have a Good Understanding of What was Needed for the Position.
Both VPs Should Have Met Prior to Recruitment to Set Out Recruitment Criteria.

Both VPs Should Have Approached the CEO Before Recruitment to Establish Hard and Soft Skills. (Local v. International)

The CEO's Desire to Hire an Expatriate May Have Created Barriers to Recruitment.

O’Leary hired Rani Gilboa. A
young engineer from Israel and
former Israeli army officer. His
need for light weight, inexpensive battlefield equipment drove a desire to approach the problem from a new perspective. Gilboa sought and found BRB to help support his concept. His contributions to BRB profit secured his and O’Leary’s positions within the firm.
Rani Gilboa
Currently serving as VP of engineering for an Israeli electronics company and one of Israel’s top radar firms with several products used in actual combat.

Degree in Electrical Engineering.
Case Analysis Case 3.2
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