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Business Plan busn 201

DCM Landscaping

mairi kenyon

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Business Plan busn 201

Marketing Research and Analysis Start-up Summary and Expenses Change the we sell! Don't forget to call your Mom! Derek Burak, Cole Corcoran & Mairi Kenyon Company Description Mission Statement: DCM Landscaping is a commercial landscaping firm that believes in the integrity and ability of their company. Our mission is to provide dependable service for a low price to all businesses in Edmonton and St. Albert. Our clients count on our reliable service, our drive and our professionalism. All employees are provided with the necessary training to complete the job in an acceptable manner while maintaining safety guidelines. Our commitment to this mission will allow DCM Landscaping to become the primary choice of companies in Edmonton and St. Albert. The Business Customers Management created by three University Business graduates with an interest and knowledge in the landscaping industry
equal partnership between three partners: Derek, Cole, and Mairi
the three partners will be the only employees for the first year
small home-run, full-time company designed to serve an array of businesses in lawn maintenance and snow removal.
located on an acreage in Edmonton
desire to grow the company and hire more employees to create more crews within the first two years, allowing the partners to work solely in the office. target customer is small to medium sized business districts with Edmonton and St. Albert
business parks are our primary targets, we also embrace the clientele of malls, strip malls, and other freestanding businesses Derek Mairi Cole majored in accounting
family history in landscaping industry
worked for chief financial officer for two years
will be in charge of all accounting functions, appointment bookings, as well as manage the website and social media accounts majored in marketing
create and design the website and social media accounts
in charge of business development including building new business relationships with trageted clients along with managing existing client relationships majored in management
worked in the landscaping industry in both provate companies and for the city of St. Albert for four years
will be in charge of mangng all future employees as well as work along side Derek in managing client relationships Questions? STRATEGY AND IMPLENTATIONS the three partners all invested $15,000 of their savings as well as took out a $30,000 short-term loan to finanace the start-up expenses of DCM Landscaping
the $75,000 will go towards purchase of equipment and traditional start-up costs such as business cards, signs, etc.
home-ran business therefore no need for rent, however building a 400 sq. foot garage is crucial for the storage of the equipment
partners have been working with a lawyer, graphic designer and an insurance broker to get proper information List of essential equipment to provide service: two bobcats
two ride-on lawn mowers
two push lawn mowers
two weedwhackers
four fertilizer spreaders
two lawn aerators
two company utility trailers
miscellaneous tools to trim hedges and small trees
down-payment on company truck
Computer/ Printer/ Cash Register $40,000
$4,000 $65,220 Total: Services Winter Summer Snow Removal
Ice Removal Grass Cutting
Lawn Aeration
Hedge/ Small Tree Trimming DCM Landscaping offers a variety of year-round services to its clients to meet all of their needs. We offer single service prices, monthly service prices, as well as packages for our annual service customers. Packages Full Care Package (excludes aeration and ice removal)
Premium Package DCM Landscaping is located in Alberta, one of the most unpredictable provinces when it comes to weather.
We will strongly market our snow and ice removal services due to the fact that residents can expect anywhere from 5-8 months of snowfall.
In the other 4-7 months we will offer a variety of services to maintain our clients lawns.
Our ability to adapt to the climate to serve every need of our valued customers will be crucial in our success. Market Environments Political and Legal The threat of the city expanding their snow removal and/or lawn maintenance
Small threat because there is always businesses that are not publicly financed Technological Environment Since DCM Landscaping is a new company it is up to date on all the newest machinery and computer software Economic Environment With the constant fluctuations in the economy, many businesses change their budgets and allot different amounts for different services, landscaping could be seen as a non-essential service in times of need.
We will actively react to the changing economy by adjusting our prices to ensure we are still providing the lowest price possible Competitive Market The landscaping market in the Edmonton area is very large
Constant growth of competitor businesses due to the expansion of many new developments
The need for both snow removal and lawn maintenance expands with every new development
Our primary focus will be to approach new business areas and gain the respect and loyalty of the new firms Competitive Analysis and Market Size It will be our low prices combined with our professional service that will set us apart from the competition
By providing service in the commercial landscaping industry (a less populated market) we are automatically reducing our competition drastically
Our personailzed approach to our service will set us apart from any larger landscaping businesses
The central location of our business will be another factor to put us ahead of the competition Target Market Segmentation Geographical Our target geographical market is main buisness areas within Edmonton and St. Albert, including business parks, malls, and strip malls. Demographic Size and income segment our target demographic. Since landscaping services are not basic need for some businesses, we will primarily be looking for upper scale, newly developed business parks with higher income businesses that are able to budget money towards our services. We are also available for small to medium size businesses that are able to afford, even though our prices are low, the extra expense. Psychographic Summary We use multiple marketing strategies to make our company known to the general public and to showcase our expertise
Our company's commitment to understanding what our clients want and our outstanding customer service is what makes DCM Landscaping able to compete with even the largest of landscaping companies.
Strive to create a loyal and strong client base and therefore we will rely on word-of-mouth advertising and basic marketing Competitive Edge Commitment to quality and our competitive pricing
wide selection of services to fit any landscaping needs our customers might have
Year round services
All of our owners have worked in the industry, therefore, our knowledge balances with out skills. DCM Landscaping's competitive edge comes from: Sales Strategy DCM Landscaping offers free estimates on properties within the great Edmonton area
Our open and friendly relationships with the customers lead to happy clients and an increase in repeat, and year round customer base
We are aware of the fact that there are multiple landscaping companies within the market. For that reason, we offer annual packages to allow our customers time to realize that our customer service and expertise greatly exceed that of other companies Management Summary In the first year of operation, DCM Landscaping will employ three full-time employees, those of which are the co-owners.
Derek and Cole will make up the one and only crew that will go on all jobs
Mairi will work in the office booking appointments, dealing with all finances, and managing the website and social media accounts
Will work year round
After the first year, DCM Landscaping will hire additional employees, therefore making Derek and Cole the crew supervisors. Personnel Plan In the second year, we will hire an additional two full-time eomployees for the full year, and two seasonal employees
During winter the two full time employees will work alongside Derek and Cole creating two crews consisting on two people each
For summer the two seasonal employees will join onto one of the two crews each, creating two crews consisting of three people each
All shifts will be 8 hour days/ 5 days a week
Aim to hire students during the summer months DCM LANDSCAPING Thank you for the wonderful job you did on our property! We love having a job well-done at a reasonable price! John & Irene Be sure to like our facebook page:
https://www.facebook.com/pages/DCM-Landscaping We want to associate ourselves with successful businesses because we believe that it is important to associate ourselves with other successful businesses in order for us to be successful. Break-Even Analysis Total fixed costs for DCM Landscaping are estimated to be approximately $73,970, and break-even yearly units are 727 units in the first year. The total variable cost per unit is $68.21 and the average sale price per job is $171.00. FfINfIM Financial Plan Requirement to purchase a variety of expensive equipment causes for a very large initial investment put towards equipment
The fact that the company is home-ran there is no need to pay rent on any facilities
The only investment put toward facilities is the cost to build a 400 square foot garage to store equipment
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