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Elizabeth Harris

on 22 June 2016

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Names of the religous orders
.Sisters Of Mercy .Marist Brothers

.Presentation sisters .Christian Brothers

.St Josephs

.Francisiscan Friars .Mary Mackillop
Our Religous Order
Who founded this order and why?

Nano Nagle found and started the presentation sisters, because she had given her heart to the poor. Nano Nagle wanted to start a school for the poor and homeless. Nano Nagle asked for the Urseline sisters to come over, but one of their rules were the sisters were not allowed to leave the cloister and go to another place to help the poor and homeless in their own environment.1775 at the age of 56 Nano Nagle started a religious community the Sisters Charitable Instruction of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It was soon to become the Sister Of The Presentation Of The Blessed Virgin Mary.

The presentation sisters started in Ireland with Nano Nagle as the leader. In 1869 Sister Mary and six other sisters arrived in Australia, teaching Saint Mary School.
Where did this order orginate from?

Nano Nagle has influenced schools like St Rita's and etc. Nano Nagle has influenced schools to set good role models around the world and being missionary's and travelling around the world. Nano Nagle has taught them to have a heart for the homeless and poor.
What influence did this order have on Catholic Schools?

The Presentation Sisters mission was to help the poor from ignorance and injustice. Also their mission is to as well educate and communicate with the poor and mistreated.
What is their religious mission?
How does this order live in the Gospel Values?

The Gospel values are the words and action of Jesus and being a follower in christ and seeking the words of the lord. To always give a heart to any one, even the poor and homeless also the Presentation Sisters lived in the Gospel Values by bringing hope, Education, love and compassion to those in need.
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