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the impact of american revolution on british north america

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aleem ahmad

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of the impact of american revolution on british north america

The Impact of the
American Revolution on
British North America The English settled in different colonies located
in the U.S and Canada. There were 13 colonies in
total. what are some key events that affected
the development of British Colonies? How have people and events in the development of British North America shaped the development of modern-day Canada? The British had colonies and trading forts in both
U.S.A and Canada. When the American side decided they had enough getting pushed around by the British, they decided to separate. When the U.S won and became its own independent country, the British still
controlled parts of Canada. If the U.S. hadn't separated from Canada, there's a great chance we would all be one country right now. bibliography Where did the English originally settle? What was life like for the new settlers? What was the main cause of the war of 1812? The Americans felt like they were overpowered by the British because the British were controlling their trading rights. So the Americans decided they had enough, which created a war. How did it affect the development of British North America? The British were supposed to stick
together; if they got into a war against their own colonies [themselves], then they wouldn't be able to be greater than the French or Spanish. And that gave the French and Spanish an upper hand in general development of the nations. Life would be different, since the French and British brought some of their traditions over to British North America. They also brought over their clothing, built their own houses and gathered their own food mostly through hunting. If you lived in the countryside, you did not have to spend a lot of money because they made every thing they needed by themselves and they also owned farms to grow food. After the british defeated both French and Spain
during the 7 years of war, they claimed Quebec from the French and Florida from the Spanish.
Which means the British received more land to add to their whole empire. Also the spanish was a big problem, since they were also developing colonies. They wanted land
but so did the british, which lead to small conflicts. Clothes during the 1800's British built house The dark pink is the 13 colonies
the light pink is controlled by the british but is native reserves Picture of the 1812 Picture of the british colonies Canada Wikipedia.org
Book: If you lived in the time of American Revolution.
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