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Social Media

No description

Kimberly Pherson

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Social Media


Facebook is a popular social network that helps individuals connect and socialize
Facebook was created in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg
Within the first year of the web page being open to the public it became extremely popular
Facebook was originally meant to be for college users and was only available for college users until recent years
Now Facebook is open to all people from all around the world

Personal information, a person’s preferences, and status.
Facebook also allows one to upload photos
One can post videos, journal entries and articles for every one on their web page can read or message you
Main users everyone all over the world
What is it?

The more friends you add on Facebook the better. Facebook supports argue that maintaining friendships are made easier through online communication
Opponents also add that adding friends wholesale may deteriorate genuine relationships (loss of real life friends).
Facebook allows users to safeguard their profiles for any reason of their choice.
Limited profile access
complete control over personal information

Facebook can now add photos from Instagram
One may also tag their tweets into their status
Link to other websites
Other websites are being created to be the next big thing

Facebook was ranked the number one visited side in 2011.
Due to rapid growth and interest with Facebook, creator Mark Zuckerberg decided it was time to make a movie about his social network, in 2010.
The social network shows how Zuckerberg's web page had grown to be so popular and how it was done.
Interesting Features/Facts:

Twitter was created in 2006 by Even Williams, Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey.
Thought of this idea through a board members brainstorming session at Odeo
The name of Twitter was tossed around from "Twitch" to "Twitter"
The web pages spun off on 2007 and started to gain momentum

Twitter is a simple short message service (sms) meant to allow one to only communicate in 140 characters or less.
These would be called “Tweets”
Twitter encourages users to constantly know what’s happening 24/7 around the world.
Main users: younger generation as well as celebrities and politicians
What is it?

Natural disasters victims can keep family and friends informed; during California wildfires in October 07. (Neighbors were able to track the place of the blazers)
Twitter has provided an inside view into political upheavals and is even used by American Red Cross just for individuals can stay up to the minute on location disasters.
Twitter can be viewed by anyone even without a profile

Twitter has been competing with other website and apps being created.

Barack Obama’s victory Tweet was the most retweeted Tweet ever with more than 800K retweets.
“The 2012 election broke records with 31.7 million political tweets. Election Day was by far the most tweeted about occurrences in US political history.”
“340 million tweets are sent each and every day”
Interesting Features/Facts:

Instagram was created by two Stanford graduates, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.
They believed there was a need for another social media platform. They decide to make one where you can share images taken digitally with cameras.
That’s where the name came from combining the “instant” from instant camera and the idea of instant transmission and “gram” from the idea from telegram delivering new right its destination.

The difference with the idea was the variety of filters that users could put on their image
Different effects to enhance the image
Can be instantly posted to other social media sites that they have linked to their Instagram account.
What is it?

Unless a user labels something private, all Instagram photos are open for all viewers.
Can share photos with family and friends by adding it to other web pages

Within one month of Instagram's initial publication in October 2010, the app had one million downloads
April 9th of 2012, Facebook amazed the internet by buying Instagram for one billion. (At this point Instagram was only 1 ½ years old)
Interesting Features/Facts:
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Presentation by Kimberly, Mary Grace, Emma, Esther and Jessica

What is it?
Dating Sites
Interesting Features/Facts:
“Manage you” “The Social re-imagination of your address book” “Give and get everything with one ID”

The founder and CEO Matt Crumrine attended Cornell University
Offices located in Brooklyn, New York
Launching September 2013
Member of Vimeo (the home for high quality videos and the people who love them)

A single, unique ID, share your ID with anyone you want to connect with.
Create profile(s), share profiles
Divide your information intro person/professional profiles
Your address book and social media sites all managed in one easy to use app
Can be used for all ages and groups
Beautifully crafted experience that offers numerous ways to grow your network
Call/text/email and explore social networks all in the same place
Stays on top of all information changes, connection requests, and introductions
By “managing you”, you’ll know that everyone you want to have the information needed to find you, can, and vice-versa.

Very recently released, no user feedback
Possible controversies may include taking marketing away from the social media apps themselves life Facebook, twitter etc. since they all can be located in one place (Atmospheir)

Social media site linked-in
The iPhone itself
People who don’t use social media sites

Don‘t have to worry about updating numbers, emails, and social networks as they change across personal profiles and professional contacts
On mashable.com’s top ten social media apps to watch for
What is it?
Interesting Features/Facts:

6 second video about anything you want
Advertisement, preview and showcasing
The main users
What is it?

Video length
Pornographic content/scandal within 1st month of launching
Facebook's Instagram video

Bought by Twitter in October 2012 and launched in January 2013
13 million users
Instant video to status updates to a business tool

6-second limit is challenging
Vine still unavailable on some phones
Interesting Features:

Founded in 2004 and launched in 2007
Re-launched in 2011
World’s largest software-as-a-service platform

User to builds their own social networking community
Post photos, videos, blog posts, ect.
User promotes their community as a brand
User can customize their community
Promotable blogging/website service
Main users
What is it?

Monthly fee
Free advertising
Blogger, Wordpress, and LiveJournal

Recently made available for mobile, tablet, ect.
Over 2 million communities
First social medium of its kind
Interesting Features:

Launched in 2003
225 million members

Connect and reconnect
Potential business and professional opportunities
Latest news, insights and inspiration
Main users
What is it?

Does it really help with networking?
Private information can be shared/embedded
Hacking Lawsuit
XING, Doostang, Ecademy

Now available on mobile, tablet, ect
“People You May Know” tool
Professional news stories every day
Profile view counter
Network Expansion
Interesting Features:

Evan Williams and Biz Stone helped launch twitter
Still in its beta phase

Social network that aims to have users share content that has a deeper value than what
every day pop culture has to offer
Allows you to join “boards” on subjects that you like to blog about
Sorts your blog into collections
Users: Bloggers, any age group
What is it?

Still in beta phase, not super interactive (yet) because it is still in beta phase

Resemble the social media app Pinterest
Pinterest for bloggers

Trying to create a platform plat form that organizes the internet and creates
a creative space for content producers to work in
Combines the short but sweet nature of twitter with the simplicity of Blogger
and Tumblr
Interesting Features/ Facts:
“Ghost prototype received more attention than ever before as people
finally saw the platform in action.”
Founder: John O’Nolan Development Lead: Hannah Wolfe

Late 2012 O’Nolan put together a post with wireframes about a new blogging platform
Realized people were looking for the same thing he was

Open source application
Allows you to write and publish your own blog
Gives you the tools to make it easy and fun to do
Designed so that you can spend less time making your blog work and more time blogging
Targets bloggers and publishers, people who enjoy writing about what they love
What is it?

New product, hard to market with many other possible blogging sites people can choose from

Many other possible blogging sites for users to use
Blogger, Tumblr etc.

Works on all devices
No restrictions, the code is open and so is the MIT license
Grabs all the important data about your blog and pulls it into one place
Ghost is a platform dedicated to one thing: Publishing
Interesting Features/Facts:
What is it?

Image blogging site.
Photos, videos, audio, words, social bookmarks, other blog posts to their followers. Followers can share it with the followers. Phone or computer.
Text posts are still popular but more photos and animated GIFs are used.
Interesting Features/Facts:

Works on every mobile operating system
Call in a post
Customization: templates also detail
No comment button. Less spamming, flaming and congested aesthetics
Like button, ability to follow and be followed, and reblog features
Answer function. From phone texted to you.
Different from Facebook because it is more centered around common interests rather than people you know. Any user can follow anyone without permission.
Users subscribe to followers. And content that their followers share automatically goes to the users home page
Homepage is a cross between a Facebook Timeline and a Twitter newsfeed
Image focused. Text is used mostly to compliment images or series of images
No maximum word limits on posts
In 1995 online dating became a new way for single people to meet a significant other
Nearly a decade later "niche" sites became popular
Farmersonly.com "City folks just don't get it"
Free website, with payable upgrades
Set your own vicinity for viewing other singles
View the other members of the site that have viewed your site

New definition of dating, of love?
Loss of human connection
Founder: Dave Karp. Age 26
140.5 million blogs
63.4 billion posts
Main users: 18-34
Went live a year and a half ago; almost 75,000 Tumbleloggers swiched over immediately

Tumblr has taken away any type of way to search for adult blogs and pornography

Owned and operated by Google
Released in 2011

Google+ is an amalgamation of several services we all already use. The idea, according to Google, is to do them better.
Circles, Spark, Hangouts, Messenger, Instant Upload
More male users than females
What is it?
Similar to Facebook but Google+ brings in all the different features of Google and puts it in one platform.
No more friend requests. Just add or remove to your circles.
More businesses on Google+ than Facebook
2nd largest social media site in the world
More obvious and easy to handle privacy settings

Interesting Features/Facts:
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