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Halo presentation

No description

adam lockett

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Halo presentation

PRESENTATION What is Halo? Halo is a multi-billion dollar science fiction game.Halo is created by Bungie and managed by 343 industies which is a group of people that work for Microsoft.
Halo is a first person shooter. Cost & financing 343 industries was the company that financed Halo.
Halo 3 was to be predicted to reach a little more than $60 million, consisting of $30 million for development and the $30 million on advertising and bonuses.
Myth II is a glitch that could entirely erase a player's hard drive; the glitch led to a massive recall of the games right before they shipped, which cost Bungie nearly one million dollars. time considerations & constraints It takes around 2-3 years to make an updated version of the last one.
There are deadlines that the producers have to have such as the release date, mid-way points so the producers can show trailers, for example the E3 annual, that shows a variety of different game trailers. They will also have sub deadlines.
The amount of resources and people has affected the product by having more staff to get the work done faster. Also the amount of money earned has helped on the resources of the production to expand the game play of Halo throughout future series. The people involved The key people involved at Bungie Inc. Are Harold Ryan, Jason Jones, Martin O’Donnell, Joseph Staten and Brent Arbrahamsen. There were also 165 other employees brought in, June 2009.
The studio's creative team, which includes nearly 200 people, has been developing the game since at least 2009 and is led by creative director Josh Holmes.
There are also other teams that are involved such as the Bungie artists which include Marcus Lehto, Rob McLees and Shi Kai Wang.Also there are people hired for a single use such as Steve Downes which plays the voice of Master
Chief. The resources and Equipment The resources used are mainly just an updated versions of the earlier game such as the characters are more detailed such as the master chief.
In the production of Halo the materials and assets used are bands for the music such as an orchestra band. They also used graphic programs to design the characters and the level that you are on. There would also be sound effects such as when a gun or an explosion goes off. The locations of the Bungie studios are located at Bellevue, Washington in the U.S.
There would be no problem with having these studios placed in Bellevue and Washington because they don’t need to have anything produces outside of the studios because it is an animated game that can all be produced on computers. The Locations The legal considerations and constraints The Pegi age rating for this game is a 16+ because there are fighting and bloody scenes.
There was no copyright issues because Halo designed
their own title and concept art.
My chosen media product “Halo (series)” is relevant to the modern
media production industry, because this game evolved throughout gaming side of media by being named one of the best first person shooter games, by expanding the gaming warfare by bring it with an alien side of the gaming industry. With great graphic design on the characters in the game.
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