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gs students

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of India

The Republic Of India
India is the second biggest populated country in the world,1,205,073,612 people as of July 2012.
India is home to the Taj Mahal that brings many tourist

India's geography
India's religion
India has some traditions we might find, well strange.Because cows are sacred in many religions they roam the streets in India often causing trafic jams, but no matter what damage they do they can't be harmed.
The people of India
The people of India declared their independence from Britain in 1947.
There are many languages spoken in India some are Hindi,Bengali,Telugu,Marath,Timal,Urdu,and English.
People in India live to be 63 years on average,even though rabies is an epidemic in India and diarrhia or "delhi belly' is found in contaminated water.
India's currency is rupee.I's aginst the law to take rupee out of the country
Other Cultural
Dancing is a major point of life in India and is know for its hand movements.
India won the 2011 Cricket World cup on home soil.
India is located in Asia.India has some very harsh weather like monsoons and harsh climates like the Himilayan Mount.
India is home to the worlds largest mangrove forest in the world..India's mangrove forest is the home to tigers,dolphins,turtles,sharks, and even crocodiles.In fact India is the only country home to lions and tigers and bears.
The Indian flag
Marrigold flowers are a symble of happiness and good fortune, and are often used in Hidu weddings . The flowers are woven into amazing decorations.
I worked hard on this prezi and I hope you learned something new and enjoyed watching
Thanks again, Abigail 6L
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