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Fire on the Mountain

Chapter 2 - LOTF

vamcydher kilari

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Fire on the Mountain

Fire on the mountain
Loss of Identity
-split into large and small kids (development of groups instead of individuals)
-Piggy forgets the twins' names (lack of significance to remember)
-"He was a shrimp of a boy ,about six years old, and one side of his face was blotted out by a mulberry-colored birthmark" (Golding 35) however later Piggy describes him as "him with mark on his face" (Golding 46)
Development of Civilization
-hands-up, similar to school organization, organize to talk
-pass the conch
-develop a group to hunt pigs
-Ralph is now a significant leader- "The assembly was lifted toward safety by his words. They liked and respected him" (Golding 37)
-described as assembly
Blindness and Sight
-"Ralph stood away from the pile and put the glasses into Piggy's groping hands. His voice subsided to a mutter. 'Jus' blurs, that's all. Hardly see my hand-'"
-By blinding Piggy, the super ego, the boys are able to create their first act of savagery, the fire.
-Also it is only when the super ego can barely see, that the Id, Jake, is able to take over.
As the conch symbolizes power and order, we can tell a lot about the characters based on how they handle it.
Literary Techniques
(ex. bottom of pg. 34)
- The comparison between the island and stories means they still posses imagination and innocence
(ex. pg. 35, contin. 36)
-a child already bringing up an issue suggests their plan to just have fun will not last
-as the boys laugh at him, the boys seem naive, suggesting their carefree attitude will soon change
Pathetic Fallacy
(ex. pg. 36)
-Golding may have included this because as the boy gives slightly more concrete evidence of the beastie, attitudes begin to change (just slightly)
Literary Techniques Contd.
Simile, Metaphor, and Personification
(ex. pg. 41)
-used to put reader in the place of the boys
-personification is used because the verbs are easily understood and imaginable, allowing the reader to understand the intensity of the fire.
Glasses-intelligence and reason
-"[Piggy's] voice rose in a shriek of terror as Jack snatched the glasses off his face." (Golding 40)
-taken by Jack
-already starting to fade away and be replaced for savagery instead of reason
Birthmark Boy- loss of innocence
-"'him with the mark on his face, I don't see him. Where is he know?' The crowd was as silent as death. 'Him that talked about the snakes. He was down there-' A tree exploded in the fire like a bomb." (Golding 46)
- he was the first to die
-Represents that man as a whole will burn in hell.
Fire-hell or hope of being rescued
-"The heat of the flame leapt nimbly across the gap between the trees and then went swinging and flaring along the whole row. Beneath the capering boys a quarter of a mile square of forest was savage with smoke and flame."
- overwhelmed the entire island, created by the boys
-Shows how savage acts will lead them to hell.
-it was created in hope of being rescued showing that the boys still feel attached to civilization

Snakes (beastie or creepers)- evil
-creates fear in the boys, whether they are ready to accept it or not
-evil is always present, noticed or not
The Mulberry Birthmark- The Mark of the Beast
-"He was a shrimp of a boy, about six years old, and one side of his face was blotted out by a mulberrry colored birthmark." (Golding 35)
-The mark of the beast is a serous of numbers that would be tattooed on someone who worshiped the beast.
-Unknown to most of the followers the beast was actually Satan in disguise.
- The birthmark is meant to show that even the youngest humans are destined to follow the devil, because at its core, man is evil.
"'I got the conch-' Jack turned fiercely. 'You shut up!'" (Golding 42)
Jack is oblivious to power when it is possessed by somebody else, especially Piggy.
He often interrupts, despite the rule not to.
He believes that he has the greatest power, if he has the shell or not.
"He [Piggy] caressed the shell respectfully..." (Golding 38)
He is cautious about it, and very protective.
However he also desires it, he requests to say something minor and than hangs on to it longer than he needs to.
This shows his longing for power.
"... [Ralph] laid the conch on the tree trunk."
Ralph is almost oblivious to power, often leaving the conch lying around and forgetting about it.
"'He says he saw the beastie.'... 'He was dreaming.'" (Golding 36)
He is the one who is supposed to be in command, yet he seems to think of it more as a joke.
He never seems to go out looking for power, it just seems to find him, and ends up doing a really good job with it.
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