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Stuck In Neutral

Stuck In Neatral Is About A Boy Named Shawn McDaniels. When shawn Was Born He Was diagnost With Cerebal Palsy. All He Wants In Life Is To Be Treated Like A Normal Fourteen Year Old Boy.

Dana Hoselton

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of Stuck In Neutral

Stuck In Neutral Cerebal Palsy Family Shawn McDaniels Is Forced To Be
Seperated From A Normal Loving
Family When His Dad Walks Out Of
The Picture. He Learns Quickly
That His Dad Wants To End Shawn's "Pain." When Shawn Was A Baby,
His Parents Were Informed That He Would Always Be Different. He Would Never Get A Chance To Be A Normal Kid. Living With Cerebal Palsy: Cerebal Palsy Is a Living Disease Many People Are born With. It Limits a Person's Chance To Move, Talk, walk, Love, sit, stand, And Be Normal. Inside Thoughts: Shawn Is Lost In A World Where He Can't Walk Or Talk. He Wishes Somebody Would Be Able to Love Him Other Than His Mother. He Is Very Smart Even Though Many People Consider Him A "Retard.". ANY QUESTIONS??? My Final Review: Stuck In Neutral Is A Very Unique Book. It Makes You Wonder How Many People With Cerebal Palsy Think. This Book Was A Wonderful Story, This Is a Story That Many People Will Enjoy. It Is A Very Touching Story.
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