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Suvathe Mailvaganam

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Ireland

The 2013 census lists 92% of the population of the Republic of Ireland as Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland: 2.35%; Presbyterian: 0.37%; Methodist: 0.14% Jewish 0.04%, Islamic: 0.11%, Jehovah's Witnesses: 0.10%, with misc. religions or a claim of no specific religious beliefs making up the other 4.89% of the population.
Knowledge and Beliefs

The stereotypical Irish family consists of a mom, a dad, and an average of 3.2 kids
The average Irish family has a high rate of dependency where all members have a role in housework and their purpose is caring for and guiding each other
Irish households have traditionally been full of Catholic art and objects, and most Irish children have been educated at Catholic schools.
Raise child in a safe and loving environment
High independence and responsibilities
Engages discussions and ask for opinion
Family Life

Ireland is strong in software development, ICT and bio tech medicines and other hi-tech industries
Ireland is the (European) headquarters of so many massive technology companies like Google, Facebook, eBay

Political and Legal Systems
Physical Environment



By: Suvathe M., Ofogh K. and Sutuithi M.
Recreation and Leisure

Ireland's relatively temperate climate is due to mild southwesterly winds and the effects of the Atlantic Gulf Stream
Summers are warm – only rarely getting unpleasantly hot
Temperatures during winter are much cooler, although it’s far from common for the temperature to drop below freezing and snowfall is rare
Spring and autumn are very mild, with rainfall expected all year round.
Ireland is an island located in Northwest Europe in the North Atlantic Ocean
Third largest island in Europe
Population of approximately 6.4 million
Just under 4.6 million live in the Republic of Ireland
1.8 million living in Northern Ireland
Parliament democracy, Governed by Oireachtas (National parliament)
President of Ireland
Seanad Eireann (upper house)
Dail Eireann ( lower house)
Political Structure
President - Micheal D. Higgins
Prime Minister (Taoiseach) - Enda Kenny
Deputy (Tanaiste) - Eamon Gilmore
Opposition leader- Micheal Martin
Process of Laws Being Made and Enforced
Committees formulate and compose bills, which is then introduced by private or public members
The national parliament (Oireachtas) votes
Signed by the president
Consultation with the Council of State
Supreme Court
Goods and Services Getting Exchanged
Dependent on trade industry

Wealthiest country in OECD

Revolves around community of Ireland



People of Ireland
Many people spend their leisure time walking, fishing and sightseeing, relaxing
with friends over a meal at a pub or restaurant or visiting the cinema and/or art
galleries. People in Ireland also like to frequent spas and salons. In addition,they
enjoy frequent clubbing.

• Fishing
• Cycling
• Equitation
• Golf
• Irish Football (GAA)
• Hurling
• Rugby
• Horse Racing
• Cricket
• Camogie
• Gaelic football
• Hockey
• Rowing
Meeting and Greeting
Shake hands with everyone present -- men, women and children -- at a business or social gathering. Shake hands again when leaving.
A firm handshake with eye contact is expected.

Body Language
When you meet someone in either the Republic of Ireland or in Northern Ireland, a firm handshake is appreciated.
Women are always seated first. The most appropriate way to sit is

to cross your ankles or one knee over the other knee. To cross your ankle over your knee is considered informal.
Perhaps the most offensive gesture in Ireland would be to refuse to buy a round of drinks in a pub when it's your turn to buy.
When waiting in a line, be respectful and never push or shove your way ahead.

Marriages are rarely arranged in modern Ireland
Monogamous marriages are very common around Ireland
Divorce has been legal since 1995
The demands of farm society and economy still place great pressure on rural men and women to marry especially in some relatively poor rural districts
Marriage festivals for farm men and women, the most famous of which takes place in the early autumn in Lisdoonvarna
The estimated marriage rate per thousand people in 2014 was 4.5.
The average age of grooms in this day and age is 34.7 years; Average age for brides is 32.6 years of age

Traditional Irish Weddings

Brides carry horseshoes. There are many Irish dancers and it is known in weddings for there to be Irish folk music (fiddle, guitar, piano, etc.)

Child Rearing
Care for them until they become a certain age
Traditionally females took care of child and house work
Recently men caring for child increased due to females being accepted in working society
Irish Education System
Technical Skills & Values
Known for amazing performance in rugby
The Irish designed the White House
Magicians are respected in Ireland
Appreciation for aesthetics
Traditions are followed
The workforce consists of mainly business men and women
Newgrange (knowth tomb)
Earliest form of Irish art
Pattern carving on stones
Petroglyphs (religious/ritualistic motif)
Inner tunnels - architectural art
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Between the 17th and early 20th centuries, the Irish language was gradually replaced by English in most parts of Ireland. In 1922, Irish was adopted as an official language, along with English, and the government and civil service become, in theory at least, officially bilingual. Irish terms were also adopted for the titles of public figures and organisations.

The Irish is a uncial alphabet that is a variant of the Latin alphabet. It was used for printing Irish and is used on road signs and public notices. It originated from the Scottish Gaelic and now has an Irish twist of its own added to it.

Micheal D. Higgins
Enda Kenny
Prime Minister
Eamon Gilmore
Micheál Martin
Opposition Leader
Irish clothes are generally very well-made and have a long history of significance attached to them.

Linen Driving Caps
Men in Ireland are often seen wearing linen driving caps. Europeans have been fond of linen driving caps for centuries.
Aran Sweaters
Aran sweaters are a historical part of Irish culture. Clan Arans used to be very popular. Each family clan had its own unique stitching or pattern that was used in their sweaters. These sweaters were hand knit with careful attentiveness
Tweed Jackets
Tweed is another fabric traditionally noted in Irish culture. In the past, looms were used to create the tweed fabrics, and these methods are still used in modern times to make high quality tweed. Because most Irish tweed is handwoven it is more costly and durable than tweed commonly manufactured in other parts of the world.

Irish Dance Clothing
Traditional Irish dance costumes are based on the Irish peasant dress. The dresses have hand-embroidered Celtic designs. The Tara brooch is worn on the shoulder and holds a cape that falls onto the back. Men wear a plain kilt and jacket. They also wear a draped cloak over the shoulder.

Question Number Ceann
What is one sport that is traditional only to Irish people?
Gaelic football
Question Number Dhá
What is one article of clothing that Irish men tend to wear?
Answer (S)
Tweed jacket, Aran sweaters, Linen driving cap
Question Number Trí
What government structure does Ireland abide by?
Parliament democracy
Important Material Property
Shelters are similar in shape, structure, and architecture to Toronto
Tools are similar to other tools world wide
Irish people tend to live on semi attached residences next to each other in populated areas
In other less populated places they live on farm houses miles away from other neighbours

Weapons, Tools, and Army Industry Used
Assault rifles
Pistols, sniper rifles
Machine guns, grenades, grenade launchers, Anti-tank Weapons
Mortars, Autocannons, Tank Guns, Artillery, and Army Ranger Wings
Irish Food
Rich diet consisting of lots and lots of potatoes, grains (especially oats), and dairy products. Ireland also has 50 types of homemade "farmhouse" cheeses
Soups, Seafoods (since they're surrounded by water), meat
Lots of bread such as Irish soda bread

consist of liters of tea and
alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, beer, and ale
Knowledge and Technical Skills
The Irish tend to:
Convey beliefs
Show knowledge of biblical facts
Show physical state of culture
The Importance of Art
For centuries, there have been debates about the meaning and purpose of Irish art, and what the term covers. While contemporary thinking is open to including all forms of the visual culture of Ireland, from graffiti to oil paintings, this has not always been the case. At various stages through the history of Ireland, there have been shifts of emphasis as artifacts were created in response to the different social and artistic environments of the Irish people. Generally, the role of art is seen as either a reflection of Ireland`s society or a means of challenging it, and it is in this sense that art has tended to be distinguished from a purely decorative function.
Separated from Great Britain by the Irish sea
Low central plains surrounded by a ring of coastal mountains

Human Geography
Population(2014)- 4,832,765
Life expectancy 80.5 years(Canada- 81.2)
Birth Rate- 15/1000 (Canada-11/1000)
Death rate 6/1000 (Canada- 8/1000

All citizens contribute towards the economy
Dominates economy by major industries in Ireland such as textiles
Certain industries have power to "control" who contributes to the economy
How are Laws Put into Effect?
Law Enforcement
Law enforcement is the responsibility of the Irish police force - the Gardaí
There are over 12,000 Gardai in the state police force who are in charge of maintaining all aspects of law and order in the State
Quick Facts
Population-4.8 million
GDP- 232.1 Billion
GNP- 180.4 Billion
Unemployment rate- 10.0%(Canada - 6.8 %
Socially Accepted Physical Contact
Women tend to hug each other and kiss on the cheeks
Men feel much more comfortable keeping at least 3 feet of space between each other
Males tend to stick to shaking hands or doing man-hugs
Technology Used to Provide Goods and Services
Economy Participants
Euro is the currency used in Ireland
1 Euro is equal to roughly 1.07 USD
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