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Music Festivals

No description

Christi Staufer

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Music Festivals

19th Century
Multi-day event in rural setting
Weekend pass
Camp site near parked car
Sense of community
No music curfew
Everything in one place
Sleeping Conditions
Bonnaroo, Coachella
City in Public
City Parks
Prearranged show times and closing
Enclosed by fence
Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza
Austin City Limits
Shift in the Music Industry
The Internet/ Social media
Online concerts
Social media
Increasing Importance of Festivals
Shift from albums to festivals
Festivals can't be illegally copied

Artist Revenues
Revenues from tour
Big Headliners -$1-2 million
Smaller headliners- $100-250,000
Smaller bands- promotion
Merchandise- up to $200,00

Festival Revenues
Coachella- most profitable $47.3 million 2012
Bonnaroo- 2013 150,000 attendees
Poetry/Comedy lineups
Festival Life
Hippie Festivals
The Transition
Mainstream Festivals
Environmental Impacts
Pro: Psychological Effects
2011 University of Queensland study of Australian festival attendees
Pro: Economic Effect
Stimulates economy of host city
Tourist attraction
Creates jobs
Pro: Large Revenue Generation
Drop in U.S. recorded music sales
Con: Safety
Increased abundance of drugs
Pros and Cons
Music Festivals
By: Matt Galle, Hannah Stewart,
Heather Baker, Connor Falvey,
Christi Staufer, and Derek Sidhu

City at Venues
Local bars and clubs
Wide variety
Sample many city venues
Easy transportation and hotels
Hectic booking
South by Southwest, Bumbershoot
South By Southwest
18th Century
Folk Music
20th Century
2014 Bonnaroo Waste Diversion Rates by Weight
Approximately 120 tons - Total waste composted
• 67% - Percent of all waste diverted from landfill by weight

Con: Large Costs
Money-related Expenses
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Non-economic Expenses
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