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Trench War Life: World War One

No description

Hannah Blundon

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Trench War Life: World War One

Life In the Trenches of World War One:
The Story Behind the Self-Inflicted Wounds By Hannah Blundon Self- Inflicted Wounds Guy Chapman, a Junior Officer in the Royal Fusiliers tells the story of one of his men's self inflicted wounds.
Private Turnbull Actions lead to punishment Quote: "Let me hope that the court-martial's sentence was light. Not that it matters, for, in truth, the real, the real sentence had been inflicted long ago". Men who were caught self-inflicting injuries to themselves were supposed to be killed by the firing-squad, but none ever did they just served time in prison. Family Stories: Great Grandfather Drover fought in WWI
He fought for the British Royal Navy
He was present in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, when the great Halifax explosion occured
One Cargo and one Ammunition Ship accidentally collided in the Halifax Harbour on December 6, 1917
This killed 2000 and injuried 9000
GGf Drover managed to get past the 2 km long stretch that the explosion hit
He survived WWI

Great Grandfather Mercer fought in WWI
He was with the Royal Canadian Regiment fighting along side the British
He lived in the trenches during this time
As a soldier he spent 2 years in Europe and participated in the Battle of Vimy Ridge, in France (one of the most famous battles fought)
This Battle occurred on April 9- 12, 1917 where the canadians corp (they lead the battle) defeated the Germans and took Vimy Ridge. GGf Mercer was medically discharged after this battle for he suffered shrapnel (metal fragments from bombs and shells) to the back of the head and a bullet into the mouth and out of his cheek.

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