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kali flibbert

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Cyber-bullying

September 26, 2013
Kali Flibbert

Because technology is evolving so quickly, kids and teens are growing with it in good and bad ways. Their lives revolve around it but others lives are ruined by it. Many kids are bullied online by their peers and in extreme cases, the victim commits suicide. Something has to change because teenage lives shouldn't be taken because of the World Wide Web.
Definition of Cyber-bullying
cyber-bullying: sībərˈbo͝olēiNG/
It's is the action of using Internet communication to bully a person online by sending threatening or mean emails or posting about someone.
There are laws against cyber-bullying in Massachusetts but they haven't been able to keep up with the Internet. This is because it has been changing so swiftly and the laws that are trying to be passed are interfering with Freedom of Speech. If the schools have any knowledge of cyber-bullying than they are mandated reporters and have to do something about it. According to USA Today in 2008, there were no laws passed on state action in Massachusetts.
Personal Information Online
It's important to watch yourself when giving out personal information online because it can be very dangerous and people can use that against you. Make sure that your profiles are set to private so that only your friends can see it and watch you follows or friends you and delete anyone you don't know or aren't friends with.
Feeling anonymous
When someone sits down at a computer and logs on, they feel anonymous because no one else can see them. This person gains keyboard bravery and feels that he or she can say whatever they want and not feel ashamed or guilty because they can't see the other person or their reaction. Keyboard bravery is dangerous and causes people to do and say things they would never do face to face. Once this thing is sent out or posted it cannot be taken back because its out of your hands after that and you can't control it.
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Phoebe Prince
She was a 15 year old student who immigrated from Ireland. She went to South Hadley High School and hanged herself 2 days before a winter dance. Girls were bullying her online because her date was a senior football player and was called a slut and a whore.
Amanda Todd
The bullying started after she met a man in an online chat room who talked her into sending him topless pictures. He harassed her and threatened her with the pictures and her sent them out to all of her friends and they went viral. She switched schools and tried to make new friends and each time it was destroyed because the man and her friends from her original school found her. She was severely depressed and cut herself. She attempted suicide before but was not successful until the day of October 10, 2012.
Sarah Lynn Butler
Sarah was in seventh grade when she hanged herself. She was just voted to be queen at a festival in Arkansas. People at school were spreading rumors saying that she was a slut and people talked to her about it. She stayed home one day while her parents went out and they discovered that she had hanged herself and she left a suicide note for them.
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