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PRONI Centre for Social Education

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Transcript of PRONI Centre for Social Education

Osijek - Vukovar
Established cooperation with local authorities/stakeholders
Support to civil society development
Plans for future
Youth information centres
Non-formal education & youth work
Youth clubs become a place for further youth work and community development
PRONI Centre
for Social Education

Community Youth Work profession established as formally recognized and socially valued profession
Youth Policy
Since 1996 as an initiative
Since 1998 formally

Decrease of prejudices and
contributing to reconciliation
Active engagement of youth in
community development
The barriers and prejudices between young people broken down
Educated youth & community workers (more than 450)
Initiated process of youth work development
Presented and regularly promoted benefits of non-formal education

Established 21 youth clubs
No communication
War-line border
- 5 Counties
- 21 youth clubs
- 42 youth workers
Osijek - Regional (2007)
Vukovar and Sisak - Local (2009)
Association of Youth Info Centres in Croatia
ERYICA - European Youth Information & Counseling Agency
Continuous program 2007-1016
-non-formal education
-technical support
Sisak, Knin
Promotion and development of non-formal
and especially social education
Promotion and establishment of youth work
Working with trauma and
provision of individual support
to young people
Social education and youth work promoted in society
Established networking of young people
Exploring possibilities for developmental youth
and community work
Local authorities
engagement in
community development
Local community participation
National Government invited
to take active participation
More than 400 young people
actively participated
16 local communities in East Croatia
activated and explored
Youth Policy drafted
Colleges from other Croatian regions
supported and motivated to explore
youth needs and issues in other parts of country
Needs, problems, issues of young people
explored, defined and presented to national bodies
National Program of Action
for Youth created and
accepted in Croatian
Parliament as
formal national document
Regional research-conference
organised (1999)
Community youth work model developed
- different youth work strategies,
- different youth work structures,
- diverse roles of specific organizations from NGO sector
Integral society development through strengthening of individuals and target groups that are active in their communities
Independent and autonomous operations of PRONI Center
Thank you
Cross-sector advisory boards
Development of Voluntarism
Establishment of Voluntary centre Vukovar - 2014.
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