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No description

Nicole Reiman

on 31 July 2015

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Transcript of Omni-Channel

"The time is here for all channels to be part of a holistic experience"

What is Omni-Channel?
Rewards of Omni-Channel
Current Business Model
Omni Leaders
Please review handout
Company Definition
"Omni-Experience" is to speak with one voice across all customer contacts, so that our customers can shop the CATHERINES brand wherever, whenever, and however
wants to!
What do CATHERINES Employees Say?
Our Definition For CATHERINES
"Omni-Channel at CATHERINES engages the customer by providing clear brand awareness and a seamless shopping experience at
Industry as a whole is moving towards Omni-Channel
High competition with online retailers
Woman Within
Customer Expectation
Building the Brand
Increased Sales and Productivity

1. What is Omni-Channel?
2. Business Model
3. Where is CATHERINES today?
4. Rewards
5. Risks
6. Competitors
7. Our Suggestions
8. Conclusion
Customers are becoming more engaged in showrooming (AKA Webrooming)
Omni-Channel is becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives, not just in retail.

Entertainment (i.e. TV, Music, Books)
Looking at merchandise in a store and then buying it online.
Through mobile POS

"Omni-Channel is defined in many different ways, and there is no one definition today."
"It would optimize all channels for the benefit of the customer."
More channels =
more ways for customers to access the brand
Larger Customer Base

Multiple channels help to reinforce the values and goals of our brand
Ex: We do not have stores in every state
E-Commerce allows for customers in states without Brick and Mortar stores to shop at CATHERINES
Ex: "We Fit You Beautifully"

Gives the customer more ways to shop

Ex: When a store does not have a certain size or color, the customer can shop online
Allows Sales Associates to Sell Product More Effectively

Forces associates to have more knowledge about the product

Customers expect this to be a part of their shopping experience as well

"U.S. women who primarily wear sizes 16+ say that they buy 50% more of their clothing online"

-Omni-Channel Biz
-James Green

Leverage Technology
CATHERINES doesn't leverage technology as well as we should

Wi-Fi should be in all stores

Due to the expense, iPads may be limited to only Rank 1
Uniform Brick & Mortar Look

Store signs are different
Seamless experience first starts in person
A New Web Design

Spreading The Word
Improve upon informing customers of online deals

Provide promotions and benefits without relying on associates

Improve Associate Selling

We have to teach
the fashion that we offer

We are moving forward and we need to help

move forward as well
POS Survey
Survey how customers like their store & online shopping experience

Customer Review Signs

Every store gets a sign with three items and a customer review written about each

This will excite customers about online shopping and writing reviews

Shows true plus size experiences
Our Project Objective
We make it easy for her to shop in-store & online
Style locator
Notify the customer of upcoming and current promotions through multiple channels

Upcoming "Omni" Goals
Speak with one voice across all customer contacts
Review E-Commerce creative & promotional alignment
Deliver clear and concise wardrobing messages with fashion authority
New ORPOS Model
ATG Platform
Sister Brands Practicing Omni
CATHERINES sales associates must get omni friendly and encourage online sales

Maurices: engage sales associates to use their own social media to drive sales
The Omni Executive
Ascena's Omni-Channel Advisory Council

VP of Omni-Channel
Lane Bryant

Mirror Mirror On the Wall...
Location for Everything
Risks of Omni-Channel
Better Word for "Risks" is "Challenges"
Want vs. Ability

The Same Promotions Between Brick & Mortar and E-commerce
Lack of Resources
Sales Associates knowledge compared to product information Online
Ipad in stores - $1,500 each
Wifi- $340,000 to put in all stores
Mobile POS helps associates enhance sales
Meaning more ways to spend money
to commit to these
"There is an urgency
-Susan Reiman
To weigh the risks and rewards of Omni-channel for CATHERINES and provide suggestions for the future from a new perspective.
Baby boomers are becoming more tech-savvy
Recent trends show older people are among the fastest-growing demographics online.
"Social networks used among Internet users 50 years old and older has nearly doubled to 42% over the past year. In fact, in the U.S. alone there are nearly 16 million people 55 and older using Facebook"
-Jamie Carracher
(Digital Health Strategist)
1. What is Omni-Channel?
2. Business Model
3. Where is CATHERINES today?
4. Rewards
5. Risks
6. Competitors
7. Our Suggestions
8. Conclusion

Weigh the risks and rewards of Omni-channel for Catherines and provide suggestions for the future from a new perspective.
Our Project Objective
Thank You!
Current Omni Practices
Utilizing our social media sites
Current Omni Practices

Addition of iPads to 10 stores
CATHERINES needs to align promotions in store and online
Justice "universally one store"
Vertical Retail Company
Multi-Channel striving towards Omni-Channel

Nicole Reiman
Kara McCollaum
Jessica Thies
Jessica Fendrick
Matt Kantner
After: Store Prototype
Who's the Fairest
of Them All?
Current Omni Practices
Omni-Channel Retailing
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