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Students’ use of online resources: what Moodle Reports & Logs can tell you

For the UCL TA Conference 2016 - Moodle 3.2

Mira Vogel

on 17 August 2017

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Transcript of Students’ use of online resources: what Moodle Reports & Logs can tell you

Course participation
Students' use of online resources
What Moodle can tell you
Some of mine:
Which of my resources / activities are well-used?
Who hasn't yet done [ ]?
Students don't seem to be aware of [ ] - are they managing to find [ ]?
What has happened over the past [ ] amount of time?
How are the preparatory readings used?
Which aspects of activity show?
Can students see their own activity?
How can I remind / message students?
What about at a glance, across the board?
How do I signal to students that I expect them to look at [ ]?
Are any students absent from Moodle?
What do students need to know about activity reports?
What are the ethics of all this?
For each course space finding out about:
Student behaviours.
Who accesses what.
Over time.
Discuss this with them.
Activity completion
Need to enable it in the course space's Settings first ...
Students can see their own report.
As things progress, view the Activity Report via the Settings block.
It looks like this:
You can export as a spreadsheet.
Then for each Resource or Activity.
Answering particular questions
Filter results
If helpful, message students.
Filter search
What are yours?
Activity report
Mira Vogel, Digital Education Advisor, Digital Education, ISD
Every Moodle space contains reports about student engagement with resources and activities. Available to every staff role in that Moodle space, these reports can tell you a great deal about whether, when, and by whom a given resource or activity is being used. Reports can work as 'naturally-occurring' feedback from students, enable staff to message students who have not completed tasks, and inform improvements to the Moodle space. Digital Education will demonstrate how to access these reports and filter their results in different ways. We will introduce some scenarios and discuss how to interpret the results.
Shows number of views and viewers per resource or activities.
Support with Activity Completion and the report at
Support with the Participation Report at
Support with the Activity Report at:
For staff only - not available to students.
To note
Want to look back further? Moodle archive.
Ethics - discuss with students (StARs?) & colleagues who is looking and to what purpose.
Next, hands on (15 min)
Use Hot Question to contribute your own questions.
Vote up others' you're interested in.
Open up your own Moodle space.
In another tab open http://prezi.com/z732cx7kyoeu (this guide).
Use this guide to answer your question with your own Moodle data.
Within each course space:
Find them in
Settings > Reports. Exportable.
Very flexible, but less digested than the other reports.
Find it in
Settings > Reports
Find it in
Settings > Reports.
Course completion
Set completion
conditions via
your space's Settings block.
Like Activity Completion, need to enable it in the Moodle space's Settings first ...
Can set resources to be viewed, activities to be completed, grade to be reached, duration of enrolment, completion of other courses, and manual self-completion.
Course Completion Status block gives tutors an overview progress report.
Optionally, students can see own report in that block too
Good idea
Feed into bigger-picture investigations about student learning.

Strang, K.D., 2016. Beyond Engagement Analytics: Which Online Mixed-Data Factors Predict Student Learning Outcomes?
Education and Information Technologies
. http://link.springer.com/10.1007/s10639-016-9464-2, accessed April 21, 2016.

Predictors we know of:
Course logins.
Quiz attempts.
Quiz scores.
Filtering by group or name
List of activities & resources
Self-completion & auto-completion displayed
A word about My Feedback
Course start
Logs from the course Start Date (in Settings).
Shows which students are engaging.
At-a-glance view of progress across key elements of the Moodle space.
Lots of data, flexibly filtered.
Set criteria for completion, monitor these.
Brings together feedback students received across Moodle spaces that year.
Has views for the student, personal tutors, module tutors and departmental administrators.
Helps students and personal tutors make sense of assessment feedback.
Guidance on the My Feedback report
Ask for a separate session.
UCL guide at https://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/x/oYB7Aw.
What do students see?
In a Moodle space, students go to Navigation > Participants and click on their own name.

That displays a list of possible reports for that Moodle space.
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