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Final Project

We based our final project on radiology. Focusing on Cat scans, ultrasounds and Magnetic resonance imaging.

alicia bennage

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Final Project

Ultrasounds Used for examinging Liver
Kidney Used to Guide procedures
Take pictures
Diagnose heart conditions
Benefits Painless
Easy-to- use
Less expensive
Uses no ionizing radiation
Clear picture of soft tissue

Risks No harmful risks Magnetic Resonance Imaging Painless medical test to help diagnose and treat medical conditions. Used to evaluate: Liver
Blood Vessels

Used to monitor Tumors
Heart Problems

Benefits Painless
Non-ionizing radiation
Limitations Size of the person
Implanted metallic objects
Cost more

CT Scans Experience Painless
Quick Benefits Less sensitve
No radiation remains
No side effects

Risks May cause cancer
Not for pregnant women Radiology
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