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French Oral Presentation

By: Jadusha, Tabitha, and Elaine

Literally Tabi

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of French Oral Presentation

French pronunciation A Eu È Ê Ch An (ans) Pronunciation [ ă ] like apple A A ller - to go P a rc - park T a bleau - table Dr a peau - flag È Pronunciation [ eh ] drop lower jaw Eu Pronunciation [euh] Ch Pronunciation [ sh ] Act eu r - actor L r - their eu eu eu Fl r - flower P - little C dre - cedar P re - father  è è Derni re - last è Apr è s - after Ch aud - hot Ch Ch ch ateaux - castle eveux - hair A eter - to buy  Ê Pronunciation [ eh ] Fête - celebration
Tête - head
Honnête - honest
Bête - beast An (ans) Pronunciation [ ahñ ] D s - in an M teau - coat L gage - language an an s - years An CRFL rule: Consonnes à la fin d' un mot ne sont
pas habituellement prononcé … À l' exception des CRFL Translation: Consonants at the end of a word are not usually pronouced … Except for CRFL Examples: Don Par Su Gol Se C C R F L Sentences: Sentences: Elle va à la ville en taxi Les fleurs sont belles. Tu achètes au centre commercial. Ses cheveux sont longs. La bête vit dans la forêt J'aime la classe de français. Thanks for Watching Merci! Accents: The accent grave ` (grave accent) can be found on an A, E, or U.
On the A and U, it usually serves to distinguish between words
that would otherwise be homographs;

e.g., ou (or) vs où (where). The accent circonflexe ˆ (circumflex) can be
on an A, E, I, O, or U. The circumflex usually
indicates that an S used to follow that vowel,

e.g., forêt (forest The accent aigu ´ (acute accent) can only be on an E. At the beginning of a word, it often indicates that an S used to follow that vowel,

e.g., étudiant (student).
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