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Information Literacy Skills: FCWR 151

2012.03.27 - FCWR 151 - Prof. DiMatteo

D.S. Apfelbaum

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of Information Literacy Skills: FCWR 151

Books Start Here! FCWR 151 Keywords: Sandra Beasley, I Was the Jukebox, "The Sand Speaks", Voice, Anthropomorphism in the Poetry of Sandra Beasley Concept #1 Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Concept #2 Concept #3 Primary
Text War Anthropomorphism Sandra
Beasley "The Sand Speaks"
"The World War Speaks" Voice Perspective Keyword War,
Warfare Conflict World War Boolean Searching Sandra Beasley = Anthropomorphism = AND OR NOT Use AND to combine keywords
For example, this keyword search would return items in which both the phrase Sandra Beasley and anthropomorphism appear together. Use OR to expand your search
For example, this keyword search would return items in which the words personification and anthropomorphism appear separately or together. Use NOT to narrow down your search
For example, this keyword search would return items in which only Sandra Beasley appears. This search will exclude the following: results in which only the word anthropomorphism appears and results in which Sandra Beasley and anthropomorphism appear together. = Search
Results Sandra Beasley AND Anthropomorphism Sandra Beasley NOT Anthropomorphism KEYWORD SEARCHING v. SUBJECT SEARCHING When you search for keywords, the database returns all items in which the word you've searched for appears. Databases and catalogs assign subject headings to books and articles in order to tell us what the item is about. When you perform a subject search, you're telling the database or catalog what you want the items it retrieves to be about. Brainstorming Articles Cite Your Sources! Sample MLA
References Page From the Online Writing Lab @ Purdue MLA INTERNATIONAL BIBLIOGRAPHY Web Sites Academic Search Complete Don't forget to use books, too! Tips for Using Google I Was the Jukebox "The World War Speaks", Anthropomorphism, Personification, War, Conflict getting to the databases: Your Turn! Complete the worksheet. If you haven't chosen a poet or poem yet, you may want to start with one of the writers below: Anthropomorphism, n. : an interpretation of what is not human or personal in terms of human or personal characteristics: humanization. -- m-w.com Anthropomorphism,
Personification Personification OR Anthropomorphism = Personification Major Jackson
Kim Addonizio
Bob Hicok
Yusef Komunyakaa Richard Siken
Nikki Giovanni
Billy Collins
Cate Marvin Poetry for
Students 03.27.2012 Currency
Purpose or .edu don't have a poem?
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