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The Snow Goose

No description

Shauna McMahon

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of The Snow Goose

The Snow Goose
2nd part of The Plot
Spring came back and Philip was out on the sea in his little boat.Fritha was out helping the folk in the village building a boat.Philip and Fritha heard a fammilar sound and looked up to the sky.It was the snow goose,she had come back for this was her home.Philip tried to get the boat on to dry land as soon as possible while Fritha got up and started running after the snow goose.She ended up with Philip beside her and the snow goose back at the lighthouse.There was great excitement that Philip decided to have a party because the snow goose had returned.Fritha had to go back to build the rest of the boat and then would return for the party.Time went by and it was Fritha's birthday Philip decided to have a picnic for her.When they where finished the bird started to fly away again but returned and Philip told Fritha that the bird would stay and never return to Canada.Fritha told him he wasnt alone now and she ran away.Months went by then years when one day a noise got Philips attention.He went to the top of the lighthouse and listened to what the man had to say.He said "any man thats fit to help save solders over at Dunkirk to make a move on".Philip thought this was his only to be seen as a hard working man not a evil useless man.He started getting set for the trip when Fritha appeared and asked him where he was going.He said that he had to save some solders in Dunkirk and they needed all the help they could get.Fritha asked could she go with him but he said "if u come you will take up a solders life and then another and another.He said she could mind the birds for him so she did.He set of on his trip and the bird following him.
This story is set on the coast of Essex in a marshy land with a little lighthouse and sea beside it.
The Plot
Fritha is a young girl around the age of 12 when she meets Philip.Philip is older around the age of mid 20's.The story begins when Fritha found a injured Snow Goose and to get help fast.Philip was the only man in the village that could mend birds but everyone in the village said to stay away from him.Fritha had no choice but to got to this evil and disformed man.She went to the lighthouse and knocked on the door, she waited till he opened the door.She paused for a moment and then went in.She realised he wasn't the man people said he was.He asked her what happened and took the bird of her carefully.She told him everything and helped him put the dressings on the bird.He told her where the bird had come from and why she had came here.He said her name was called the lost princess.He asked where she lived.She told him that she lived with people from the village and that her parents went missing one stormy night and never returned.At that moment she thought to herself "what am I doing here"so she dashed to the door and was gone like a flash.Philip tried to call her back but he had no hope.The next day Fritha came back and asked him how the bird was and did he get the medicine's for the bird he replied with a yes and she followed him into the lighthouse.Philip drew a picture of Fritha holding the lost princess.Time went by and it was time for the bird to return home.Fritha didn't understand why the bird had to leave so she tried to stop the bird when Philip told her that the bird had to leave so Fritha ran off and Philip was left with no one now.
Philip and The Snow Goose
Fritha holding The Snow Goose
The Snow Goose in flight
Main Characters
The main characters are:Philip,Fritha and The Snow Goose.Fritha is a girl who has no parents.Philip is a man who lives on his own.And The Snow Goose is a bird who brings love and friendship in between Philip and Fritha.
Paul Gallico
Last part of the plot
Philip saved a lot of solders but unfortunately he didnt make through the war and passed away.The snow goose stayed with Philip until his body sank in the sea.When Fritha found out that Philip had passed away she was heart broken.She decided to leave with her painting with her.A few weeks after Fritha left, a german plane flew over the lighthouse and blew it up.That was the last of Philip.
About Paul Gallico
Paul William Gallico was an American novelist,short storys and sports writter.Many of his work were adapted for motion pictures.He was born the 26th of July 1897 NYC USA.He died on the 15th of July 1976 Monaco France.Aged 79.
I rate
this story 4 of 5 because the author put a lot of effort in making this book worth while to read.
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