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Social Media 101

Twitter, Facebook and more

Richard Hansen

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Social Media 101

Social Media 101
Key terms
Retweet (RT)
To repost what another user
has posted to Twitter.
Users who subscribe to receive
updates from you.
A public tweet sent from one user
to another.
A way to tag a keyword
or topic within a post
to give it emphasis and
make it more easily
searchable by other users.
ex. #CRA
A private message to another
user who follows you.
Direct Message (DM)
Student Ambassadors
To subscribe to someone's
Tweets or updates.
Other uses of
• Post links to press releases,
employment opportunities, important info

• Tweet relevant news - awards,
nominations, business updates, Exec
• Tweet live updates from events
(many events will use hashtags so
people can follow along ex. #HRForum2013)

• Share photos and links to articles

• Retweet relevant mentions, links to
stories and articles
Twitter is:
• Based on connections that are not necessarily
• NOT Anonymous
• Used differently by everyone (personal, professional, personal for professional)
Public Servants
on Twitter

GoC Ambassadors
Use Twitter to:
Expand your professional network
Connect with family, friends and communities
both locally and globally
Keep track of events as they happen
Discover new things
Follow me on Twitter:
Getting Started:
1) Sign up at Twitter.com
2) Fill in your bio
3) Start following
Who should I follow?
Use hashtags to find interesting people
There is a GCPEDIA page that lists employees on Twitter
Search locally, family, friends, businesses, authors, sports figures and teams
Check out who others are following
Your network will expand naturally over time
The Competition
Working with Facebook
Other Social Media
Private Sector
Best Practice
- Reach audiences not otherwise accessible
- Crowd source feedback on a subject/topic
- Build networks with shared interests (#w2p)
Working With
Working with
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