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Energy Management

Put if you are editing here.....

Alex Brown

on 4 January 2011

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Transcript of Energy Management

Renewable Energy Sources Solar Wind Geothermal Solar Energy Across the US But... It Accounts for only 0.1% of US Energy Production Did You Know? In one Hour... The sun provides enough energy to sustain all of civilization since... the beginning of time How Much Does Solar Cost? For a solar hot water system,
Between $2,000 and $4,000 For an average 3 bedroom house,
1.5 to 3 kW system is needed
Cost $13,000 and $27,000. $ $ $ $ Wind Around the US The Beginning of Wind Power Wind Energy Costs.. In the 1980's Wind Energy cost about $.30 per kilowatt-hour Today it costs under $.05 per kilowatt-hour Is harnessing the earth's natural thermal energy Around the US... Wood Gas Zinc Air
Batteries Wave
Energy Bloom Box Bio Energy Recardio Hydroelectric Algae Considering Costs Hydroelectric plants have a
high initial construction cost in
excess of $75 million.

Operating costs are an extremely
low $0.006/kWh while
consumer costs are as low as
Hydropower dates back 2,000 years to when it was utilized by the Greeks to grind wheat into flour. Hydroelectricity is a primary source of electricity in countries such as Norway and Brazil, although Canada is the world’s largest producer. It is really the only source of renewable energy that is making substantial contributions to the demand for energy around the world. Only about 30% of the potential for this energy source in the United States has been tapped into so there is a great deal of room for expansion. Construction of plants can be very damaging to the environment if proper precautions are not taken. Growing Popularity Step One:
Kinetic energy from the workout
is converted into DC Step Two:
Rerev converts DC into
useable AC Step Three:
AC is fed back into the utility grid 1 2 3 Cost/Benefit
A set of 10-15 machines can cost $11,000-$15,000
Price includes machines, inverter, controller box, installation
A typical 30-minute workout on an elliptical machine produces 50 Watt-hours of clean, carbon-free electricity Ethanol Biggest Problem: Fuel competes with food for crops More incentive... 2008 Farm Bill gives income tax credits to those who produce cellulosic ethanol Is captured directly from surface waves or from pressure fluctuations below the surface. 1941 Adler Diplomat - Wood Gas Powered Advantages: Currently in use! Disadvantage: In hearing aids, not cars. Problems
Requires a network of rechargers
Moves to a zinc-based economy
Needs critical mass of support Possibilities
Completely eliminates gasoline
Already a mature technology
Zinc is common, Lithium is rare
High energy density Advantages
Used in wood-dense European countries (Germany, Scandanavia) during World War 2
Very low-tech, can be built by anyone - requires only basic tools
Source fuel material, wood or charcoal, is very common
Proven technology - has powered taxis as well as provided town gas

Issues for adoption:
Wood is increasingly expensive/rare in some areas
May contribute to deforestation
Not carbon-neutral compared to using wood for durable goods
Extremely weight-inefficent compared to fossil fuels
Low therodynamic efficency compared to modern generators To install geothermal pumping into a home, the cost is around $2,500 per ton of capacity.

Using geothermal energy can reduce energy bills between 30% and 40% over time. Mega Algae Farm 30 times Wave Energy Around the World Total Usable Energy is equal
2 Terawatts 14% of the World Power Needs OR Wave Technologies Point Absorbers Terminators Attenuators Cost and Challenges Very Expensive
High Capital investment costs of up to $15,000/kW Enviromental Concerns
Noise pollution of the surrounding marine enviroment
Marine Navigation Hazards Current Users Bloom Box History Invented by founder and CEO KR Sridhar Technology reversed engineered
from Space Technology for Mars Mission Why Bloom? Low Cost Compared to other Fuel Cells
Beach Sand used for Solid Oxide
Low cost metal alloys instead of expensive Platinum Ebay has already seen $100k in savings over 7 months ROI 2.7% with cost goals could be... 200% Alex Brown
Landyn Christopher
Danielle Grimmer
Peter Cory Myers
Kyle Krutek
Grant Mcleod
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