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What is Vemma!?

No description

Windson Honorato

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of What is Vemma!?

Vemma Home Event
What is Vemma!?
A Nutrition company that sells energy drinks, nutritional beverages, and weight management products
Based in Scottsdale Arizona, founded in 2004 by BK Boreyko and Family
Vemma is a company that helps people with their health and to achieve their dreams
What Does Vemma Do!?
Achieve your dreams
Financial Freedom (Residual Income)
Change your life and someone else's life (Health or Financially!)
Retire yourself and your parents
Pay Student loan debt
It's a profession so you're no longer unemployed
You can do this and anything else
Greatest wave of change & opportunity (Social Age)
Technology = Exponential Growth (Meaning no Jobs)
11,300,000 Unemployed
4,300,000 Long-Time Unemployement
8,000,000 Underemployed
6,000,000 College Grads Unemployed
17,000,000 (College Grads work job w/o Diploma
Number of Millionaires are expected to double
$167 Billion in Direct Sales in 2012 (Growing)
3Million+ Verve Cans sold monthly
Vemma gets over $20 Million a month (Get a slice of the Pie) -> (Growing)
This is the sweet spot of the Journey!
Wave Of Change: Option #1 Get Crushed
Wave Of Change: Option #2 Ride It
Vemma Revolution
Mama NoOoOo
Wave Of Change: Option #3 Miss It
People Who Make Things Happen
People Who Make Things Happen
Wave of Change: Option #3 Miss It
Watch Things Happen
Watch Things Happen
Wave Of Change: Option #3 Miss It
Why Vemma?
V.E.M.M.A (Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen, Aloe Vera)
World's most powerful Liquid Antioxidant
No crash!
High Antioxidants
Over 65 different minerals
Boost Immune System ("T" Helper Cell)
Green Tea --> Helps various forms of cancer, Alzheimers, weight loss, and heart disease
Helps fight Free Radical-Cells to keep dangerous tumors away
What's in Vemma?
2 oranges = Vitamin C
9 avocados = Vitamin E
3 stalks of broccoli = Iron
55 eggs = Vitamin D
1 cup of spinach = Vitamin A
3 cups of peas = Thiamin
19 medium bananas = Riboflavin
62oz of cheddar cheese = Vitamin B-12
5 large potatoes = Niacin
61 cups of tomatoes = Folate
2 large watermelons = Vitamin B-6
17oz of cherries = ORAC Value
37 medium mushrooms = Pantothenic Acid
All in a 2oz serving of Vemma
I know what you're thinking...
Well That's Fantastic
Paid to Help
You actually make money by helping others
Everyone wants to be healthy and wealthy
There's millions of people out there looking for something new
People wish to be financially free!
You get paid to advertise
Paid to talk to family and friends and recommend the products
You don't need a million people to make a million dollars
Paid to advertise like you do every day for Nike, Holister, sports teams, etc.
Getting Paid
There are 10 different ways of getting paid
Frenzy Bonus (signing up 3 friends in a week = $700. or 6 friends in a week = $1400.)
Car Bonus (Diamond Rank = $400. a month for a new BMW, Mercedes, or Mini Coup)No Tuition!
Tuition Bonus (Diamond Rank = $9,600.00 a year to college tuition) No Car!
Cycle Bonus (Residual Income = while you sleep, work, play, etc.)
And 5 other ways as well
You're Not Alone
Don't do it on your own
We're a team, with one dream, one big FAMILY
We train you
Teach you all we know
Show you how to do what we do
Help you get your business started
Help you achieve goals
Help you become independent fast
Help you build become the next big thing!
Finally Getting Started
You only pay for the drinks not to be in the company
The Verve Builders pack gives you it all
Verve Builders Pack = total of $580.00 (ONE TIME ORDER) --> Goes to company not me
Gives you 144cans of verve (4 different flavors)
A success kit with CD's and books
A satchel
24 verve shots
Qualifies you for the 10 different ways of getting paid
A 2-pack Auto Delivery monthly
30 day guarantee, send back empty cans
Finally Getting Started
There's also the Verve 2-Pack
Only $160.00 (Part-Tea
Don't get the Car, Frency, or Tuition Bonus
48 cans of verve
Good to build confidence
You have 60 days to change to the Builders Pack
We will help you either way
So Why Not?
Not Enough Time!
No Money!
Can I really do it?
Is it a scam?
What if I fail?
What will people think?
Do I know anybody?
Am I willing to risk it?
Verve Builders Pack
8 boxes, 4 for me and 4 for my brother.
Verve 2-Pack
2 cases like this (48 cans)
The Affiliate pack is the best option (Frenzy and Car Bonus)
A Two-Pack makes you a customer (Are now PEQ's)
When customer's enroll someone they can become an affiliate or stay as a customer(No more 60day grace period)
If customers refer and sign up others and don't want fast cash they get money off next purchase
Half of customer's total QV goes to enroller QV
The New Changes
By: Windson Honorato
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