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Kaitlin Ashley Portfolio

Brief portfolio

Kaitlin Ashley

on 1 August 2015

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Transcript of Kaitlin Ashley Portfolio

My first placement was at Kilby School in 1st grade with Ms. Mandy Wicks.
I graduated high school from Bob Jones High School with an Advanced Diploma in May 2009.
Kaitlin Roland
"What you teach today may someday light the world." -L.W. Fox

The future of America will soon be delicately placed in the hands of a new generation. As this generation begins to head up businesses, hold high positions, and take over the many jobs society has, will they instill important values into this society? Will these adults be able to make important choices for themselves and for the future? As an educator, I feel that it is not only my job to instill valuable information to students, but to also teach students to think outside of the box, to solve problems, and to think for themselves. A teacher cannot truly teach without investing in the lives of students that enter the classroom.
Throughout the past couple of years, I have had the opportunity to teach a diverse group of students. I completed cutting-edge iPad research that won national awards and recognition. I went above and beyond to set myself apart from the many other education students in the UNA education program. Though I am from a fairly small town, I made great leaps to go above and beyond requirements given. The desire to complete great things does not stop here. As I entered the workforce as a teacher, I brought new ideas, breakthrough technological tools for the classroom, and a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of my students. I am seeking a job in Madison County Schools to continue my endeavor in making this difference. Madison County Schools strives on innovation and new ideas while still holding students to the highest of expectations. These expectations will be continued in my classroom as I implement differentiated instructional approaches to fit each child’s needs. Already having completed and won two different grants, I am prepared to provide my students with the best possible learning environment. The next generation that lights our world should be given every tool to shine as brightly as the sun. With my organizational skills, motivation, and love for teaching, I will help to guide these children into a new way of learning that goes beyond a simple textbook lecture. Exploration, discovery, and a joy for learning will light the minds of students.
Student Vice President for Phi Kappa Phi

Chapter President for Kappa Delta Pi

Secretary for Sigma Tau Delta

Academic Affairs Outstanding Scholarship/Research Committee Student Representative

UNA Research Day Committee

Secretary for the Northwest Alabama Reading Council
Kaitlin Ashley Roland's Portfolio
I graduated from the University of North Alabama on May 11, 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Education, Magna Cum Laude. I graduated from the Honors Program with an added Honors in English. I have a Class B certification in Elementary Education (K-6). I am Highly Qualified.
I was on the competition cheerleading squad, and we won Nationals in 2007, 2008, and 2009.
Identification Information

Kaitlin Ashley
February 14, 2013
1st Grade/ 23 students
Language Arts
No IEP/504

P-12 AL Course of Study Standards: ELA.2b Utilize predictable letter-sound relationships to decode printed words, including words with consonant blends that require blending 3-4 phonemes into a whole word: identifying sound-spelling relationships of consonants and vowels.

Lesson Objectives: Students will be able to spell words with long e: ea blends.

Assessment: Children will complete a spelling test to be taken as a grade.


Review and Purpose:1.Introduce morning warm up on shapes artists may use and Friday’s warm-up on treasures you can create with your imagination.2.Review inflected endings and ea words before the spelling test.

1.Utilize Smart Board lesson 4 and 5 to review ai, ay, and possessives; fluency, and two-column charts.
2.Complete spelling test.

Guided and/or Independent Practice
1.Word Work: Send students on a treasure hunt to find treasures around the room. Have students write things they find that they will treasure from first grade.
2.iPads: Discuss something that they treasure on Doodlecast.
3.Small Groups:
a.Strategic and On-Level:
i.Read Decodable Reader 19, and read “A Great Artist and His Dots”.
ii.Discuss and retell.
iii.Have students read Set A to monitor progress on decoding, high frequency words, fluency, and comprehension.
i.Read “A Great Artist and His Dots”.
1.Ask questions. a.Where did Georges Seurat like to draw? b.What kinds of things did Seurat draw? c.Why were dots important to Seurat? d.What kinds of art to you like to create? e.Did you know some people doodle when they have nothing to do? f.Why does it take imagination to be an artist?g.Have you ever seen a carved statue?
ii.Monitor progress using Set C. Monitor progress on decoding, high frequency, and comprehension.
iii.Use “A Day at the Beach” on 70g to read and retell to monitor comprehension.

Closure: This week we discussed inflected endings and long e: ea words. Review rules for these concepts. Encourage students to notice these words as they read. We also discussed surprising treasures. Have students define treasures and give examples. Use these words as you speak about things that are important to you.
My second placement was at Hibbett Middle School in 6th grade with Mrs. Carolyn Woods.
Identification Information

Kaitlin Ashley
April 19, 2013
6th Grade/ 23 students
0 IEP/504 plans

P-12 AL Course of Study Standards: ALEX 6th grade 2.) Describe factors that cause changes to Earth's surface over time.

Lesson Objectives: Students will be able to write an explanation of why precipitation occurs.

Assessment: Students will answer questions on a precipitation experiment. Students will turn in an explanation of why precipitation occurs to be checked for understanding.

Materials: Exploring Clouds worksheet, Shaving cream, Clear cups, Water, Blue food coloring, Pencil, Paper, Science book, Orchestra music

Review and Purpose:
SCAFFOLDING: 1. 2.“Today, we will be taking a closer look at clouds and precipitation.

2. Pass out worksheet, "Exploring Clouds”. Discuss worksheet with students. Discuss prefixes used to describe clouds.
4. Have students turn to page 488 in their books, and review the types of precipitation.

Guided and/or Independent Practice
1. Have students fill the clear cup with water. Put shaving cream on top for a cloud. Then put blue food coloring on top of the cloud, and allow students to watch it rain.
2.Have students fill in a worksheet on participation and why it occurs. Explain to students that they should use their experiment to help explain why.

Discuss student answers on the worksheet. Take up worksheets to check for understanding. Explain to students that participation brings storms. We will be looking at different types of storms next week.
I completed educational research for two years following a group of students at Kilby School. The research studied the impacts of iPads on the Kindergarten literacy teaching and learning environment. Research focused on the impacts of four iPad apps implemented in literacy centers. The apps were chosen for student story telling. Results from this study were presented at conferences, publicized in magazines and newspapers, and taught to fellow university education students. Research followed the same group of students to first grade to focus on the impacts of iPads on math journaling. A NCTM grant was received in order to purchase iPads for this class. Presentation of this research has been accepted at three NCTM regional conferences for Fall of 2013.
I presented at the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference in Boston in November 2012. My presentation won.

This is photo of a child working with Toontastic, one of the story telling apps we utilized in Kindergarten research.
I presented research to UNA Education students during the summer of 2012.
After following my blog, I had the opportunity to Skype with Doodlecast creators who were interested in my research.
This picture shows a first grade student utilizing the iPad for work in Math journaling.
First grade research was completed with Mandy Wicks and presented at UNA's Spring 2013 Research Day. Research has been accepted for presentation at NCTM regional conferences in Fall of 2013.
Research from Kindergarten was presented at UNA's Spring 2012 Research Day
This is an example of a StoryKit made by a Kindergarten student.
Students loved to work together on iPad projects.
Research completed was highlighted in many articles including the Times Daily, Madison Record, UNA's website, the Flor-Ala, and UNA's Alumni Magazine.
UNA Honors Program Graduate, May 2013
Raytheon Scholarship Award Recipient
Fred L. and Jane Hattabaugh Endowed Scholarship
Recipient National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Grant Winner
Money for 6 iPads/Cases
University of North Alabama Dean's List (5 semesters)
Phi Kappa Phi Honor's Society
Kappa Delta Pi Honor’s Society
Sigma Tau Delta Honor’s Society
Phi Theta Kappa Honor's Society
Alpha Lambda Delta Honor's Society
Phi Eta Sigma Honor's Society
I taught third grade at Challenger Elementary under Dr. Michele Wallace for two years.
Overall, my first two years of teaching was a success. Above are only a few of the many great activities and projects we completed. There were many learning experiences that allowed me to grow as a teacher. I kept test scores in STAR above required standards. I performed at a "superior" level according to my principal, vice principal, and instructional coach. I worked hard to continue to be the best teacher possible. Though I love my Challenger family and children, I am ready to come home to where I belong, and that is with Madison County Schools.
In our class, we established a climate of respect and order where students worked diligently to complete tasks and explore topics through project-based learning.
I differentiated instruction regularly in order to reach all learning styles and the abilities of each student. I implemented technology by utilizing a one-to-one digital curriculum as well as implementing technology regularly in order to enhance the teaching and learning of the classroom and collaborate with parents.
Because I was on the Eagle Team (a team of teachers exhibiting leadership that research and construct ways to improve our school for the teachers and students), I consistently discussed and expected my students to exhibit leadership qualities and skills amongst not only their grade level, but also out of the entire school. We stood out for being the best of the best.
I completed regular professional development in order to improve teaching and learning.
Students had their own "professional development" through leadership talks given by community leaders. This is a picture of my class after a talk about nutrition, leadership, and character development from local karate coaches.
By keeping a close relationship and collaborating with parents, our class was able to have some neat visitors come to speak to us. Above is Mayor Stephen Stokes from Greystones, Ireland. I collaborated with one of my child's parents in order to bring Mayor Stokes to Challenger for a Q&A for the entire third grade.
Our class had the opportunity to learn new skills such as how to play the violin, and then students performed a recital for their parents.
I organized a project collaborating with UAH students for students to engineer and launch soda bottle rockets.
Students researched and engineered their own rockets.
We were able to launch our rockets at Challenger with the help of UAH students. One rocket reached 220 feet!
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