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shannen catbagan

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Humanism


By: Shaira & Shannen

Humanism is an outlook of thought attaching prime importance to human rather then supernatural mattters. Humanism focuses on a humans potential and wellfare.
When and Where it
How the ideas spread
The printing press helped spread humanism. The printing press helped produce books, and newspapers to spread different ideas.
Modern day examples of how humanism effected the western worldview
Art: To paint new things, other than just religious ideas and portray humanist ideas. This affected the Renaissance Worldview because people of the time started to believe more in Humanist ideas and life on earth.
This is an image of Florence, Italy where Humanism originally began.
Humanism began sometime around the 1400 - 1650's.
Philosophy of Humanism
*Humanists think of themselves
as individuals.

*They base their understanding of the world
on what they can see with our senses, and
understanding with our minds.
Thanks For Watching!
Key Elements
The silk road also helped spread the ideas
of humanism. Many people traveled to
different places. Therefore they could spread
their own ideas.
Humanism started in florence.
Humanism is a system of thought that centers on humans and their values and worth.
Artists helped spread ideas by showcasing their art to the world.

*They base their understanding of the world
on what they can see with our senses, and
understanding with our minds.
Poets expressed their ideas by writting poems.
This is William Shakespeare, his use of language, and insight to human nature is well known.
Philosophers, and Scholars travelled to one university to another to study, and teach to their ideas of humanism.
Michel de Montaigne was the first
to express his opinion, and ideas
by writting essays.
This is an image of Mona Lisa,painted by,
Leonardo da Vinci.
c a t
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