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General Social Patterns

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ELisabeta Bixheku

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of General Social Patterns

By: Lizzy, Matt, Karina
General Social Patterns
Start to make friends
Spend time with cooperative play
They are often bossy and inconsiderate so fighting occurs
Children like the hear the opinions of their parents on their talents
Four year old
More talkative
They fight less frequently
Develop respect for others belongings
When they begin school, they want social acceptance by their friends
Start to gossip about other children
Five Year old
More stubbornness
They want everything and want to do things their own way
Don't usually like to share
Jealous of what other kids have
Best friend is of the same gender
Like to play in groups and teams
Six Year old
Four year old:
Have close ties to their families and want to be important in their family
Proud to help out
Often bicker with their siblings
Five Year old:
Like to help out around the house
Play better and are protective of their siblings
Six year old:
Self centered so they always need to come first
Don't get along well and argue with family members
Rough, impatient and fight with siblings
Family Relationships
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