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Copy of Red Dog Film Techniques

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Tracy Hogendoorn

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Red Dog Film Techniques

There are lots of symbols in Red Dog.
The following are a few. Identify why you think they were included in the film, and what meaning they have.

The red dirt
The blue singlets
The workers boots
The motorbike
The bus
The 'dongers'

Technical Codes
Sound and Music
The music in Red Dog generally consists of upbeat, happy music.

The soundtrack was carefully selected by the director to suit the time and context of the film (1970's Australian outback) and the mood of the film (and of each of the scenes.

The below quotes explains the importance of the soundtrack to those who constructed this film:

"From start to finish, there was always music playing in the background during production of RED DOG. The movie took almost seven years to make, but during that time music kept us going. In the early stages, I played tracks we hoped to use in the film at investor meetings as a way of conveying our vision for RED DOG. And while not all of those potential investors came along for the ride, a lot of the songs did and here they are in the final soundtrack years later." (https://shop.abc.net.au/products/red-dog-soundtrack)
Red Dog
Film Overview
Red Dog is centred around many things, but
of the main themes is Friendship.

An event that hightlights the theme of friendship is after the Cribbages tell Nancy Red Dog can't stay and the whole town turns up in support. This shows that everyone sticks together and will help anyone else out, especially Red Dog.

THe quote “More than man’s best friend…. A mate to the entire community” also shows friendship as its saying that Red Dog is the best kind of friend in the world because he is a friend to everyone. He has no preferences and he doesn't judge a person.

Make a list of all the other THEMES you think Red Dog focuses on.
The characters, especially the males, are created in the stereotype of an Australian male.

THis construct is through:
the way they dress
their physical features (choice of actor)
the way they speak (dialogue)
the way they act (actions)

Peeto is the perfect representation of the stereotypical "Outback" Australian male.
The way he dresses:
He wears brief shorts, a (Bonds) Australian singlet and work boots.
His physical features:
Actor - John Batchelor. He is well built, has a beard, looks a little unkempt (scruffy).
His dialogue:
He has a very strong Australian accent. He uses a lot of Australian slang, for example when he says, "Nah. He was hitchhiking, mate."
His actions:
He drinks lots of beer and alcohol. He is quick to defend himself physically (fight), especially if they insult his facial hair.
Camera Angles
There are many different camera angles used in Red Dog to show different things. In the scene where John and Nancy meet for the first time, the camera is at eye-level and is shot over the actors shoulder. This was likely done to show they were of equal status, to show whose perspective we are seeing the story from and to ensure they were both included both in the one shot. Another reason for using this type of shot is to allow the audience to see how they react/feel about one another.

Camera Distance
An extreme long shot is used when Red Dog is looking for John. This shot type was likely used this to show the vastness of the Pilbara, how isolated Dampier is and to show how far Red Dog is willing to go to find John.
Many close ups are used, particuarly of Red Dog to show the expressions on his face and what he thinks of different situations.

What camera angle and distance decisions were made in the below shot taken from the film? WHy do you think these decisions were made?
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