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Surface Area, Prisms, Pyramids and More!

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Nate Duppler

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Surface Area, Prisms, Pyramids and More!

Created By:
Nate Duppler
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Type of Prisms
There is many types of prisms like the rectangular
prism. Here they are:
A pyramid is a solid with a polygon for a base whose
vertices are all joined to a single point
Types of Pyramids
Like prisms, there are many types of pyramids.
Here they are:
A prism is a solid figure with two
congruent parallel bases
Vocab Time!!!
Prism-A solid figure with 2 congruent parallel bases
Surface Area, Prisms, Pyramids and More!
By Nate
Rectangular prism
Square prism
Pentagonal prism
Triangular prism
Hexagonal prism
Octagonal prism

Square pyramid
Rectangular pyramid

Pentagonal pyramid
Hexagonal pyramid
Octagonal pyramid
Triangular pyramid
Face-A flat surface of a three-dimensional figure
Rectangular prism- A solid figure with two rectangular bases that are congruent and parallel
Base- For a prism, a base is one of the congruent parallel faces
Lateral face- A face that is not a base
lateral face ---->
Edge- the line segment where two faces meet in a three-dimensional figure
Vertex- A point common to two sides of an angle or a polygon, or three edges of a solid figure
More Vocab!!!
Net- A two-dimensional flat pattern that can be folded into a three-dimensional figure
Cube- A rectangular prism with six congruent square faces
Pyramid- A solid with a polygon for a base whose vertices are all joined to a single point
Surface area- The total area of all the faces of a solid figure
such math
very pyramid
so prism
much surface area
such net
do like
so vocab
Surface Area
202 in. sq.
120 cm sq.
140 cm sq.
96 cm sq.
678 cm sq.
47 in. sq.
2,225 ft sq.
32 ft sq.
592 cm sq.
850 cm sq.
Triangular Pyramid
Square Pyramid
Octagonal Prism
Hexagonal Prism
Recatngular Prism
Pentagonal Prism
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