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19th Annual H.O.P.E. Essay Contest

No description

Michael Vargas

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of 19th Annual H.O.P.E. Essay Contest

Service Dogs
- These specially trained dogs can help by retrieving objects that are out of their person’s reach, opening and closing doors, turning light switches off and on, barking to indicate that help is needed, finding another person and leading the person to the handler, assisting ambulatory persons to walk by providing balance and counterbalance, providing deep pressure, and many other individual tasks as needed by a person with a disability.
19Th Annual H.O.P.E
Pets that assist people with special needs
Benefits of pet ownership
People and Animal
Do pets contribute to better health ? Yes they do but how ?

Why are pets are great to have ?
Pets lower blood pressure
They help you live longer
They protect you from bad people and warn you about anything bad. They are great companions.
Ever since the beginning of time animals have been on our side caring for us, protecting us, and have also grown to be part of our family. They are police dogs that help the community and stop the criminals.
Pets lower blood pressure
They also lower cholesterol
Being expose to animals you less risk of allergies and asthma
Male pet owners have less sign of heart disease than non pet owners.
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