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I Am Callie Mckenzie

No description

Callie Mckenzie

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of I Am Callie Mckenzie

Callie Mckenzie
My name is Calla Morgan McKenzie. I go by Calla or Callie.
I was born on April 19, 2000.

I played soccer until I was 10.
I had to stop because of dance.
I have a 11 year old brother named Coleman.
I live on a farm with my dad's family.
Of the five kids (so far), I am the only girl.
Fun Facts
Worth is really really hot and I love her alot.
I am also really ratchet
I am called agent stalker in Yearbook, beacuse of my tendency to stalk my crushes
Worth wrote this. K BYE
Future Plans
As of right now I am the next in line to take over Mckenzie Farms.

If I don't, I want to be a photographer a or a writer .

But before I start my life on my own I plan on going to England for a while.
I have been dancing since I was two.
For nine years I've been at Creative Outlet in downtown Fairhope.
I been taking ballet for 11 years and this is my third year on pointe.
I love One Direction and Ed Sheeran.
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