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animal farm

No description

justin reinert

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of animal farm

Animal Farm Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 George Orwell Russian Revolution 1903-1950 October 1917 - A Clergyman's Daughter
- Animal Farm
- Burmese Days
- Coming up for Air
- Down and Out in Paris and London
- Keep the Aspidistra Flying
- Homage to Catalonia
- The Road to Wigan Pier - Eric Blair
- Born in Motihari, Bengal
- Lived in poverty for several years
- In and out of the Spanish Civil War and World War II
- Died of tuberculosis at the age of 46 - Women were protesting against food shortages.
- The men joined in and almost everyone in St Petersberg was on strike.
- Tzar Nicholas II tried to stop the this chaos but the military was no longer loyal to Tzar.
- Nicholas tried to pass the throne to his brother but the next day his brother resigned and left Russia without a head of state.
- In the summer Lenin tried to overthrow the Provisional Government with a revolution.
- In October Lenin tried to persuade 12 leaders that they have to have a revolution.
- Guards heard about the plot and fled or surrendered without a fight. Characters Old Major Mr. Jones Snowball Napoleon Squealer The Dogs Moses Boxer Mollie Benjamin -Mr. Jones is the owner of the farm
-Old Major has a dream that he has to tell all the animals
-Mr. Jones forgets to lock the popholes because he was drunk
-All of the farm animals meet together at night to hear Old Major talk
-Old Major proposes a plan to have a revolution and get rid of humans on the farm
-When they overthrow the humans they will have a free life without torture
-Mr. Jones fired his gun 6 times to stop the ruckus the animals were making -Support Napoleon
-Represent the Secret Police (KGB) -He is a big mouth and talks alot
-Represents Pravda (Russian Newspaper) -Tells the animals about Sugarcandy Mnt (heaven)
-Represents Russian Orthodox Church - Only thought about herself not Animal Farm
- Represents selfish people in Russia (bousigue) -Always drunk and owns the farm
-Represents Czar Nicholas II -He taught Animalism
-Died before the revolution
-Resembles Karl Marx -He is a really hard worker
-Resembles the middle class (proletariat) -Wants others to be fair and is smart
-Represents Leon Trotsky -He is an old wise donkey
-He represents all the skeptical people in Russia and outside of Russia -Selfish, brutal, and not clever
-Represents Joseph Stalin This book is fable because there are farm animals that talk and resemble historical figures.
Animal Farm is an allegory because it symbolizes a real revolution and the animals trying to take over the farm.
Satire is used in Animal Farm when the sheep can not learn anything and represent the unintelligent people in Russia. -Old Major's system of thought was called Animalism
-If they continue the rebellion they may starve to death
-Moses tells all the animals about Sugarcandy Mountain and how it is a real place
-Moses is always spying and he is Mr. Jones' pet bird
-Mollie is a show horse and does not help out on the farm
-After the rebellion Snowball and Napoleon emerge as leaders
-The farmhouse is then preserved as a museum
-In the past three months the pigs taught themselves to read and write
-Snowball created the seven commandments for all the farm animals to follow
-The commandments matched Old Major's dream almost perfectly -The animals worked two days faster than the humans would
-Boxer and Clover worked the hardest and were the most useful of all the animals
-Snowball and Napoleon did not agree on anything they talked about
-Napoleon took away the puppies to teach them how to read and write
-Squealer convinces all the animals to give the apples to the pigs so they can be healthy enough to work
-The animals let the pigs have the apples and milk so Jones would not come back
-Boxer is like 3 horses in 1 and always says "I will work harder"
-The animals created a flag with a hoof and horn on it which would rise when the human race has been overthrown
-Clover learned the most (first four letters) and the sheep only learned the letter A
-"four legs good, two legs bad" is the meaning of humans have two legs and they are bad but if you are a bird the wings count as legs so all animals are good -Napoleon and Snowball sent out flights of pigeons to share news about the Rebellion and the Beast Of England song to neighbouring farms
-The two farms ajoined to Animal farm were Foxwood (Mr. Pilkington) and Pinchfield (Mr. Frederick)
-The other farmers disliked each other and wanted to avoid their animals from learning too much about Animal Farm
-When the farmers heard the song "Beast of England" the could not contain their rage and they did not help Mr. Jones at first
-During the Battle of the Cowshed Mollie was hiding in her stall from the sound of the gun shot
-Snowball learned his battle techniques from a Julius Caesar book
-The battle was planned for the animals to give up then when the humans thought it was over they would turn around and attach the humans
-Boxer checked to see if the stall boy was ok after he died which makes boxer seem lovable and particularly human
-Snowball gives a speech to all of the animals about them having to be ready to die if they have to for Animal Farm
-The animals kept Jone's gun to shoot off 2 times a year as a anniversary of the battle and the Rebellion -Mollie betrayed Animal Farm because she let the other farmers pet her nose and she was always late
-Mollie loses her freedom for not following the rules
-Snowball insisted that the animals should build a windmill for the farm
-Napoleon wanted to have weapons on the farm and Snowball wanted to have pidgeons for the rebellion
-All of the animals agreed with whomever was speaking out of Napoleon and Snowball
-At the meeting Napoleon sends the dogs to attack Snowball and they chase him away
-The dogs wag their tails when they are near Napoleon which means they think he is their master
-They all agreed to build a windmill
-Napoleon decides to get rid of all Sunday meetings
-Squealer convinces all the animals that Napoleon is working hard for them and helps makes big decisions -Sundays the animals dont have to work but there is consequences if they dont work
-The animals worked hard for food since if they did not work their food ration would be cut
-There were some difficulties of building the windmill
-They needed to break up the stone
-They needed to move the rock to the windmill location
-They needed building supplies
-Boxer helped transport the rock to the location of the windmill
-The animals were trading supplies for the windmill with humans even though Old Major said they were not supposed to interact with humans
-The one night was really windy and ruined the windmill
-All of the blame from ruining the windmill is on Snowball
-Clover is bothered by the pigs changing the rules and sleeping in beds and living in the farmhouse
-The fourth commandment ha changed to say "No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets" -The animals had to rebuild the windmill or the humans would rejoice and triumph
-They filled the food bins with sand then topped it off with grain so the humans think that they had food
-Mr. Whymper was also sent out to spread the news that the animals were fine
-The hens needed to give up their eggs for the animals to sell for money for food
-The hens then protested and dropped their eggs to the ground and they smashed to pieces
-Napoleon is trying to sell timber to Mr. Pilkington or Mr. Frederick
-Snowball was at Pinchfield hiding from Napoleon
-Boxer does not believe Snowball was always a traitor because he is putting himself at risk
-Boxer felt that the animals getting slaughtered was his fault for not working hard so he works harder
-Squealer said the "Beast of England" was abolished because the rebellion was completed
-The new song is all about the farm and all the animals will protect it -Nobody cared to mention the commandment about killing animals because they might get killed
-They changed the sixth commandment to No animal shall kill any other animal without cause
-All the animals were told that Snowball's medals were not real and he never earned them
-Rumours that Frederick and all his men were plotting to attack Animal farm and destroy the windmill feared the animals and made them hate him
-Frederick and his men blasted the windmill with dynomite then the animals charged at the humans
-The result was the animals winning
-A cow, 3 sheep, 2 geese were killed, 4 or 5 humans were hurt by the animals
-Boxer begins to feel old after the battle
-The pigs started drinking alcohol and break the 5th commandment
-Squealer announced that Napoleon was dying to cover up that he was drunk
-Napoleon plowed up the retired-animals grazing ground so no animal can retire and to grow barley
-Squealer was caught falling off the ladder when he was changing the commandment while he was drunk and Muriel was te only one that noticed the change -No animal retired, but only the pigs will trick the others into them retiring
-The one unalterable law is hunger, hardship, and disappointment being could never be much better or much worse
-Even though the animals have bad living conditions they are proud that they were not the other animals
-The animals dream that no creature among them went upon two legs
-Squealer destroyed their dream when he and all the other pigs were walking on two legs out of the farm house
-Benjamin read the only commandment that was written on the wall to Clover and it read
"All animals are equal
But some animals are more equal than others"
-The quarrel over the two aces represented the Cold War and meant the pigs were like humans now with cheating
-There was now no difference between the pigs and the humans at the end of the book
-Orwell says that both treat the lower class like crap depending on the leader -Boxer is working hard to finish the windmill before he retires which is like a human reacting to retiring
-The pigs convinced the animals that they were actually getting more food than when Jones was there and the water was better. It was a re adjustment not a reduction
-The pig population is increasing and the chicken are dying from starvation
-Only the young pigs are being educated and are not allowed to play with the other animals because they are like the upper class of the whole farm
-The pigs wore green ribbons on their tails to show leadership of Napoleon
-The Spontaneous Demonstrations soothed the animals especially the sheep and got everyone excited to be free and have a new leader
-Napoleon was elected the president of the new Republic because he was the only candidate and he was elected unanimously
-Boxer got picked up by a horse slaughterer and couldn't get out of the van
-Even though Boxer was sent to the knackers the animals believed Squealer's story to Boxer's death because they say the van said horse slaughterer
-The pigs used boxer's death to promote Napoleon is the best by saying that Boxer always said "I will work harder" and "Napoleon is always right" Big Picture -Why did the book end with humans still in existance?
-Why did the pigs think that they had power over every animal on the farm?
-Why didnt any animal stand up for the farm and tell all of the others that the pigs are cheating them out of everything? (they plegded to die for the farm)
-Did Old Major believe that his dream would work out without any changes?
-Why did the humans fight with the animals even though they thought they were living good by theirselves and had things under control?
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