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Melissa's Prezi

No description

Castroville PC Lab

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Melissa's Prezi

Rome,Brazil,and France all have similarities in political,social,and economic events.They also have differences in their country.Let's take a look.
All in all,Rome,Brazil,and France have many similarities in their political,social,and economic.They all had to solve all those events in their country.That is what makes them similar.
Second Body paragraph
Socially,In Rome many Romans became beggers ,on the other hand people in Brazil worried most of people who live in Favelas.Roman only did little for the common people therefore,the French people are being divided.Brazilian's in Favelas complain that they were mistreated while the preparations of World Cup on contrary,people were angry at cartoons in a paper that showed the Muslim Prophet Muhamad.
Third Body paragraph
Economically,The wealthy and powerful people living in Rome ignored problems of poor however,In Brazil others who gave up their home got money from the city.The Roman farmers sold their land to wealthy and moved to cities therefore,Brazil had no shops or jobs.Roman governers had forced conquered people to pay high taxes and spend money on jewelry for themselves although France's government ran on low money.
First Body paragraph
Politically,Romes enemy's tried to make most of their weakness,however in Brazil the World Cup started smoothly except for the people that live in Favelas.The French government thinks they know why the immigrants or people of other religions are angry, unlike in Rome, after Sulla had retired,generals still ruled but Rome was still a republic.The president stated that the olympics will benefit from Brazil since they organized the World Cup ,although in France they are making better changes to bring it's people together.

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