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GROW 2015

Together we GROW

Ellie Vali

on 3 July 2015

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Transcript of GROW 2015

GROW 2015
CM message

Welcome to GROW 2015, the conference where the transition between MC 14-16 will take place, celebrate our success so far, close a really intense term and strive for the other half of #gen2015 presenting the new strategy along with the new MC. Also, GROW is my closing conference for my term as conference manager and I am really excited to offer my passion to organize a memorable and dynamic space for a powerful start and make it a turning point for AIESEC in Greece.

Can't wait to see you all there once again and elaborate all together on how to make our purpuseful and unique Organization to achieve the vision it has.

See you in a few days.

Vassilis Georgopoulos - Conference Manager 1415
MCP message!

Dear delegates, Executive Boards of AIESEC in Greece,
With great excitement, anticipation and pleasure I am writing you this message before starting our journey together.
GROW conference is a critical touchpoint, placed strategically in this period to help us re boost & re new.
6 months have already passed, 6 months full of intense, pleasant & unpleasant emotions, workload and full office hours but most of all 6 months of building & delivering impact, of building & delivering promises to others and most of all to ourselves.
This July, in this conference it is the moment to evaluate what has been done, report on our performance & our behaviours as organization so far as well as re direct ourselves & our entity towards a final sprint of both LC terms & a mid term ambition.
2015 is waiting in the corner and AIESEC in Greece doesn’t have time for more excuses. It is time to ensure our contribution & leave a legacy that will shape the entity for the next 5 years.

First and foremost
theeee....GALA NIGHT
for an ideal night :
- Come as you are
-Wear whatever you want
- Exress yourself
- Drink beer
Dress Code :

- Swimwear
- Sagionares
- Hats
- Sunglasses
- Arm floats
Let the dogz out
Dress Code :
: High Heels , Mini Dresses, Red Lipstick
Shirt, Crocodile shoes , Hair gel
...shades of vodka
Dress Code : at least 3 colours
( otherwise you won't be accepted )
Dresscode: formal
What are you going to see in that special conference ?
LEAD sessions
MC Takeover
Our Facis
And more...
And more...
Our Hotel
With this message, I invite us all as leading bodies and leading individuals to join this conference and make it a conference that we will remember forever.
It is high time we took responsibility for what has happened & what will happen.
It is high time we reflect & re-invent the kind of people we are and will become.
It is time for us to think ahead but act now.
So let’s bring our best mood, openness & willingness to GROW 2015!
Let it be a fun, shaking, learning & one of a kind experience!
Best wishes & greetings,
Renata Pylarinou
MCP AIESEC in Greece 15|16

first of all...
Many more spaces
We are waiting for you
Will you miss it ?
It's the final countdown
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