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DNA Machine

No description

austin stewart

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of DNA Machine

Austin & Jac fact's blood sample's now it begins by Austin DNA cop's use this to find crooks that have done bad thing's and broke the law. stewart dna machine A MACHINE IS WHERE POLICE TAKE YOU'R FINGER PRINT What is a dna machine? DNA MEAN'S A WAY TO TELL ME FROM YOU. OXFORD NANOPORE MADE A NEW KIND OF BOX THE SIZE OF A FLASH PLAYER TO TELL THE ONE'S THAT DONE BAD THINGS THAT IS against THE LAW.THEY HAVE A LITTLE different MODEL CALLED A GRIDON! TO LIKE 1.DNA IS IN your FINGER AND IN your BLOOD 2.DNA is found in all living things KIND'S OF DNA MACHINES 3.DNA was found in the year of 1869 SAME KIND grid!on what are they used for they are used for find out who's dna it belong to by useing a single drop of blood or a finger nail or a string of hair. csi'fbi'cop's'anyone use a dna
machine h people who uses DNA machine THANK'S FOR VIEWING JAC'S SIDE. 1. 1.COPS USE DNA MACHINES 2.dr. Questions? 1.Why does cops used DNA machine used 3.who created the DNA machine 2.what is DNA? dna is a germ to tell me from you by:jacthiebeau the end by Austin Stewart 2012-2013 they used it for to idintefi crook's James Watson created the DNA machine 4.why do we need DNA machine we need DNA machine is because to find clues what is DNA here you will learn about dna 6.can blood count as dna? yes 7.does everyone have dna? 5. 8.who made the grid!on NANOPORE 9.who use dna machine's 10
10.what if there was no dna machine's a bad place to live anyone more crimes
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