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Climax of the Life of Pi

No description

lindsey george

on 16 September 2010

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Transcript of Climax of the Life of Pi

Life of Pi Exposition Rising Action climax Piscine, known as Pi because when he was in highschool everyone made fun pf his name, lived in his home country in india and believes in many different religions. His family owns a zoo and he absolutly loves to be in it. His father taught him and his brother Ravvi an important lesson; that even if the animals are in cages, if you happened to slip in when they are hungry then you will be attacked, regardless. Pi's father broke the news to the family saying that they'd have to make a new start in Canada because of the revolution in India. They sold most of their animals and loaded up on the Tsimtsum. The ship was not well kept and they had to cram in one room. Pi, not being able to sleep one night, woke up and went out on the deck and it was storming like crazy and he heard a huge explosion come from the ship. When he went back down to see if the rest of his family was okay the water had already risen rapidly and he couldnt get down to them. The ship sank. He was the only one who lasted the ships shinking so suddenly. But on the lifeboat he was not alone. Falling Action Pi was stuck on a lifeboat with a zebra, hyena, orang-utan, and Bengal tiger. The orang-utan was the last on the boat because he came floating on a huge bundle of bananas. But all the other animals were there he just didnt realize it till the hyena killed the zebra slowly and painfully and the orang-utan, and the tiger,Richard Parker, when he killed the hyena. Pi had to do things he had never done before to live. Pi trained the tiger so that he would not die and it ended up working well. After being at sea for months he came upon and algae island and this is where he became strong again by drinking the clean, fresh water and eating algae and merkats. But he had to leave the ialand quickly for it was acidic and carnivourous and would surely eat hime and Richard Parker alive. Denouement Pi and Richard PArker madeit all the way to Mexico. When they reached land, Richard Parker ran away without a trace and Pi was found by some people on the shore that took him in and helped him get to full potential again. After about two weeks, two japanese scientist came to interview Pi. They didnt believe his story, so Pi told them a different story still relating to the same events. They still didnt believe him but left anyways. Pi and Richard Parker lasted 289 days on the lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean.
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