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Mobile consumer experience: Design for fast response time

This presentation is part of a talk for OSCON 2013 in which performance is presented as a key point to have in mobile consumer experience

David Elfi

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Mobile consumer experience: Design for fast response time

Mobile Consumer Experience:
Design for Fast response time
OSCON 2013
David Elfi - Intel Corp.
Working for AppUp since its conception
More than 3 years of experience on application store businesses for different devices and areas (Consumers, Enterprise, Developers)
Mobile Experience
Mobile applications present several challenges related to performance
Scope: Data driven applications

Challenges - UX
“3 seconds is the limit. 57% of consumers will abandon after that ...”
“... slow loading times are causing ‘web stress’ ...”
Challenges - Mobile Network

Unreliable, High Variability in latency and bandwidth

Switch 3g/Wifi
Challenges - Mobile
Device fragmentation

Deployment: no-control over Updates
Be cache-ful
Data as close to the device helps response time
Minimizes data transfer
Presentation Layer
Prepare Data: Decouple Backend logic from presentation into two layers
Hybrid Application
Beta testing
Deals with different devices
Data design: Design and enable strong caching strategy
Data Design
Key Task
Split data flows:
General Data vs. user/device specific
Example: Application Details
Identify Caching Points
Adapt the data according to UX

Services mash ups just for presentation

Horizontal scalability
Results - Cache-ful

Immediate response time (warm start)

Cold start: CDN publishing minimizes round trip

Reduce data transfer (almost 50%)

Other Network Optimizations
CDN caching static and “dynamic” content
Identify proper time and mechanism for cache expiration
Minimum number of HTTP requests
Optimize CSS/JS files
Zip data transfers (HTTP compression + packages to be installed)
HTTP Pipelining
Contact me:
More Infrastructure to maintain

More pieces to join and debbug
Continuous development

AB Testing (Real Feedback)
Results - Hybrid Application
Thank you!
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