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Hain Celestial Group

Strategic Audit of a corporation

Ashleigh Burton

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Hain Celestial Group

History Current Situation Corporate Goverance Threats Opportunities Strengths Weakness Celestial Seasoning was founded in 1969 by Mo Siegel and Wyck Hay in Boulder, Colorado. Today Hain Celestial owns 40% of the natural and organic food market share. Ready to Drink Teas
Arizona Teas
Cold and Flu Industry
$900 Million FDA Regulations
Fair Trade
Unilever's Committed
$45 Billion Seasonal Business
herbal tea market maturity, lack of growth potential
Capital Intensive operation
Low Inventory turnover ratio Industry Innovator
Dedication to Sustainability
BPA-free can lining
extensive recycling in production and packaging processes
Integrated manufacturing
One production plant
automated packaging line
24 hour operation
Above average consumption growth rate in grocery segment The merge between Hain and Celestial occurred in 2000. The first blend was called Mo's 36 herb tea. The First batches of Celestial Seasonings tea was hand picked from the Rocky Mountains. The merge between Hain and Celestial occurred in 2000. Hain Celestial Now encompassed a plethora of natural & organic products including: personal care,food,drinks and tea. Next came the Red Zinger and Sleeptime teas which have consistently been a number one favorite since 1970. The Health conscious consumer market has allowed for Hain Celestial to survive and become the biggest company in the organic food industry. Over 97% of products are non-GMO and free of chemical additives sweeteners, colors and flavors. Irwin Simon CEO, Founder, & Chairman of the Board Risk Taker Employees Environment Recommended Strategy Global Expansion Who is the founder and CEO of Hain Celestial Group, Inc.? What two teas have been the top sellers since 1970? Besides Celestial Seasonings, name another Brand of Hain Celestial Group Make your Own Tea 8 ingredients to choose from
Allowed to use all or none
Dr. Wheaton will judge your tea
You get two chances
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