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Self harm in teens

No description

Elyssia D'Alonzo

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Self harm in teens

Self Harm in Teens
Ways to help people who self harm:
What is self harm?
"After cutting myself, it made me realize that my focus was on the wound and i forgot about the pain in my head" - Anonymous
Physical pain can feel better than emotional pain
Seeking relief!
Punish themselves
A different pain to focus on
Half of all teenagers say that they will deliberately harm themselves at least once
Many reasons for self harm are because of bullying
Some other reasons are because of insecurities.
In the hit TV show Glee, Dave Karofsky is a jock
who used to bully a gay friend of his to cope with his own pain of being gay, after finally coming out , everyone bullied him only to lead to him to commit suicide, his father found him just in time to save him and bring him to a hospital. He survived!
This song is about a girl who self harmed all of her life and then finally realized that she was worth it.
Relations To the Book
Why did Melinda Harm herself?
What triggered this?
Melinda was depressed, didn't speak,
could not get over the fact that she was rapped and then bullied and targeted at school, she just needed to escape. It showed readers how many teens just like Melinda suffer from the same pain.
A way to let out pain because of a depression or a particular fearful memory that is hard to look back on.
A particular memory or a personal feeling
that is hurting them inside.
Self harm is a way of getting pain out of their system without talking.
cutting skin, cutting hair, hurting themselves,
punish themselves for many reasons.
15% of teens have engaged in self harm
Self-harm affects 1-4% of the population
2 out of every 10, aged 14-21 self harmed
self injury behaviors usually start between 13 and 15
twice as coomon in girls than boys
Self Harm in media
Johnny Depp
Demi Lovato
Princess Diana
Painful secrets
Girls Interrupted

Warning Signs
- Wearing long clothing
often and in warm
- Unexplained injuries
- Low self esteem
- Problems handling emotions and with relationships
- Gain an understanding
- Listen to them
- Just talk to them
But... do not judge, criticize
- Being surrounded by caring family, friends, teachers and doctors
- Teach new ways to manage their emotions
- Identify and reduce the cause
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