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with style

No description

lucy louisee

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of with style

With Style!
Target -
Ideas for Front cover
Our front cover will have our magazine name "With Style" in the top left corner and will feature Orlando Bloom. We also gonna have the main articles headline written on the front from the top to the bottom of the magazine and picture next to each one. We also gonna feature our main Sell Line and variety of contrasting colors.

Our decisions

As a team we have come to make these decisions of what we would include in our magazine and what would not.
beauty features
make up tricks
celebrity profiles females
celebrity profiles males
advice/ issues

The target audience for our magazine is a vertity of young teen-ages possibly 14 and higher . our magazine is aimed at young teen-ages females wanting the inside information on their favoutive celebrity
with a target audience of
Over all our goals for 'With style' hopefully would be able to be sold in local shops and popular book stores .
As a team we'll aim to get one copy of each issue printed out and delivered to the stores every10 days , with hope the profit should sell then we could be able to decrease the sell dates to every 8 days.
To be able to do this we need money of around ....

Marketing Plan
Our fist issue is to be launched on 10th January 2014
i love boys is the tital
our marketing plan is the following
we are hoping that newsagents and supermarkets and corner shops will buy our products and then sell them and then we will be able to look on our sytem to see how much has been sold and where and when and who bought them.. we can also track the progress of shops and online retailers
where will are products be sold?
we will sell are products on the internet and also we will have big contracts with large supermarkets e.g. Tesco , Sainsburys. , Asda ,
we will also have a contract with Total the petrol station who will also sell are magazines for us , and if we get enough money then we will buy our own shop and then we will sell are products.
please see the next slide.
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