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Fast Food Presentation

Our addiction to fast food has become a huge problem in the recent years but how can we fight back?

Max .....

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Fast Food Presentation

Fast food companies want our attention
Young children and even preschoolers are constantly bombarded with television ads
Preschoolers ages (2-5)
Children (6-11)
Teens (12-17)
Obesity has doubled in children and tripled in teens in the last 30 years!!
Solutions and what can be done to fight back
Fast Food is Killing Us
Americans love fast food
There are around 105,000 fast food restaurants in the U.S

Currently, Americans get 11.3% of daily calories from fast food

57% of college students eat fast food weekly,

41% of Older Americans (65 and older) eat fast food weekly

8 out of every 10 Americans eat fast food monthly
Fast food restaurants are very close
The closest Fast Food restaurant from my house is a 2-3 minute walk

The nearest supermarket however is 20-30 minute walk 

The nearest fast food restaurant in UAlbany is a 5 minute walk
(From colonial quad to a gas station subway)

The nearest supermarket is a 20-30 minute drive (From UA to Walmart)

Not counting the Campus Center which has Pizza, Subs, Burgers, etc

About 1/3 of all adults and 15% of all children are obese in the U.S

The most obese state is Mississippi (34.6% obese)

The least obese state is Colorado (20.5% obese)

New York has an Obesity rate of 23.6%

Obesity is linked to Heart disease, Stroke, and Diabetes

Because of this obesity epidemic healthcare costs are rising

McDonalds Deluxe Breakfast is 1,140 Calories (More than half of our DRI)

Hardee’s Monster Thickburger is 1,420 calories (Almost 3/4ths of our DRI)

A study was done on future obesity rates and by the year 2030 these percentages will about double.

If BMIs were lowered, the number of Americans who could be spared from developing major obesity-related diseases could range from:

Type 2 diabetes: 14,389 in Alaska to 796,430 in California;
Coronary heart disease and stroke: 11,889 in Alaska to 656,970 in California;
Hypertension: 10,826 in Alaska to 698,431 in California;
Arthritis: 6,858 in Wyoming to 387,850 in California; and
Obesity-related cancer: 809 in Alaska to 52,769 in California.
Obesity rates as of 1995
Obesity rates as of 2010
Take a lucky guess?!
Which state from the map is the most Obese?

Least Obese?

New York's obesity rate?
Increase the prevalence of healthy food vendors
There is a unbalanced ratio between fast food restaurants to supermarkets with fresh, healthy foods.

Therefore markets like Stop & Shop and Walmart can possibly open up more store closer to urban areas in which most people don't own a car.

This will be very expensive however, and will take a lot time and money to open all those stores.

Hopefully more stores can open in 1-2 years time considering the time it takes to build all those stores, hiring employees, and getting the food to those stores.

Create a program that promotes healthy eating to kids
If we can instill healthy eating habits into kids as early as possible, they will likely grow up eating less fast food as adults.

As such the Government or a privately run group such as Livestrong can promote a nutrition program aimed at kids which will promote healthy eating and exercise.

Depending on how much money and influence the organization has a program of this caliber can start from a couple of months to 2-3 years.

Not to mention most of that time will be spent making the program, hiring employees, organizing events, and advertising to kids.

Shock and awe
The fast food industry has a history of doing all kinds of things to produce the food that ends up at a restaurant.

Perhaps if we filmed and showed people these atrocities that go on while making fast food, they could cut down on fast food significantly.

As such another health organization should launch a series of commercials that show these atrocities and also promote healthy foods.

This plan will almost certainly take the longest considering the fact that no fast food company will want anyone to go into those slaughtering plants only to receive slander afterward.

Simply cut down on fast food

Everyone likes fast food, but it doesn't mean we cant cut down if we haven't already.

People in the U.S can simply just cut down on fast food intake, which will benefit them immensely in the long run.

Convince friends, family, or even strangers that the benefits of cutting down on fast food can mean the difference between life and death.

You can do this anywhere and anytime at practically no monetary cost.

The Big Six
Six Companies make up 70% of advertisements on television
This does not apply everywhere
Fast Food Companies have been hitting record profits

Top 6 Fast Food Companies in sales are...
1) McDonalds
2) Subway
3) Starbucks
4) Wendy's
5) Burger King
6) Taco Bell
Our Survey Shows
That 100% of participants were 0-5 minutes away to a fast food restaurant from their house
The Closest Supermarket at home
- Over 80% of participants said that the closest supermarket from their house was 0-5 minutes away

- 18% of people said that the closest supermarket was 5-10 minutes away

The Ad Itself
Imagine if this was on TV
The programs are already in motion!
The connection
Often times people who eat fast food consume less fruits and vegetables, and more sugars, fats and carbohydrates

Kids who eat more fast food get 187 calories more than kids who do not

They also gain 6 pounds per year

Our Survey
100% participants were able to identify McDonalds Slogan

62% were able to identify Burger King's

Another 62% were also able to identify Popeye's slogan

31% were able to recognize Arby's

Another 31% could recognize all 4 slogans
Nearly a third of all americans live at least a mile away from a local supermarket.

In these "Food Deserts" 20 percent are usually below the poverty line.

In most cases they will opt to eat fast food
because it is cheap and its close.
1) McDonalds
2) Yum! Brands (Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut)
3) Subway
4) Burger King
5) Domino's
6) Wendy's
Which company do you think makes the most money a year?
Its not just the big mac's that are bad
Fast Food and how we can beat the Big Mac



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