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Unit 3 - Assignment 3 (P5)

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Jazz Jefferies

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Unit 3 - Assignment 3 (P5)

Segmentation and Targeting Unit 3 Assignment 3 Chromebooks are easy to use, and don't slow down over time. They have built-in security and come with apps for all your everyday needs, and keep your files safely backed up on the cloud. Samsung Chromebook Magnum Classic Boots CEN are a top seller among police and security officers. The Magnum Classic CEN is a lightweight boot that provides just the right amount of protection to the foot and ankle but still enabling you to run in them, if and when required. Magnum Classic CEN Boots Vanilla Ice Cream with Chunks of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (17%) and Chocolatey chunks. Ben & Jerry's
Cookie Dough Ice Cream The idea puts designer names and brands at High Street prices. Each designer works closely with the design managers and buyers; from development of the brand to the finished item in store. Designers at Debenhams The company supply the printing, publishing, sign and display, packaging and stationery industries with papers and boards in cut sheets and reels for printing and office use. The Paper Company Laptops Direct -
Laptops for schools What is segmentation? Segmentation is identifying key sectors, understanding their needs and therefore serving them better. There are three different ways to segment the market. Geographic Demographic Psychographic/Behavioural Segmentation based on geographic patterns, including spending and income levels, employment levels and buying habits. Seperating people according to their characteristics - age, gender and income. Segments households according to their social class, life style and/or personality. Also considers consumer behaviour patters.Two companies that do this are ACORN and MOSAIC.Understanding a neighbourhood is important because it allows the business to adapt to it or to find their perfect location. B2B Marketing B2B Marketing is one business selling to another. They segment their markets in 5 ways. Size Region Value Sector Industry The size of the business- is it small, big, tiny, large or mid-size? How much money the business has got - what are there budgets? Where in the country (or world) is it located? Is the business in the Public or Private sector? What industry are they in? Why might they need this product/service? The target market for the chromebook is 'everyone', but particularly students and people who travel a lot. Google has segmented their market demographically by both age and income.
They target everyone by showing in the adverts how a wide range of people can use the laptop both at home and at work. If google make the chromebook usuable for everyone, more people are likely to buy it as it will be more user friendly. They haven't targeted a specific market, as they want to reach as many people as possible. Walking boots are generally targeted at people who live in more rural areas - a geographical segmentation. However these boots are aimed at professionals, especially people in the police and military - a psychographic segmentation. The company targets these people by making youtube videos explaining what the boots are and who they are for. This shows to the public that the boots have a high standard as they are
aimed at professionals. This product is aimed at professionals because it is of a very high quality and will be used appropriately by these people. Also, these people will be interested in the product, whereas others may not be. Ben & Jerry's target their icecream by age - a demographical segmentation. Their products are aimed at younger people - most commonly at teenagers. Ben & Jerry's target a younger market by using bright colours on their packaging and a font that is quite young. Also, their adverts have a young feel to them and generally feature an animated cow. This group is targeted because generally speaking, younger people are more likely to buy and eat icecream. This behavioural pattern would have been found from market research. The main target market is sophisticated mums, however the collections have a wide range of styles. All the products are segmented demographically. They are sold for a range of different prices and different styles for different ages, income and gender. The main group is targeted in their adverts, which usually mainly feature sophisticated mothers. However, there are also the elements of the range of clothing they sell. They target this group as they are the people who generally want to buy fashionable, high quality items, but may only have the money for high street prices. The company would segment their products by the type of company, and where they are based. This is a form of geographical segmentation. They target a range of companies by supplying a wide range of types of paper for every printing and office use. They want to make as many repeat customers as possible, so they have targeted more as this is more likely to create more good relationships. Laptops Direct is the UK's leading supplier of notebooks and wireless solutions to Junior and High Schools. They provide many brands including Acer, Fujitsu Siemens, NetGear, Smart, IBM, NEC, Sony and Microsoft. Their main target group is junior and high schools, however they also supply many colleges and universities with IT equipment too. They target these groups by making it easy to order and also taking into consideration the budget of many schools. They also provide support, which is very attractive to many schools. Laptops Direct is a large company, and Laptops for Schools is one of many services they provide. They may be targeting this market as they can make a lot of money and good relationships from it. Also, they target this group because there may be a lot of interest in their services.
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